Celebrity Big Brother – Stephen Baldwin evicted!

Bad news, one of the BIG characters in this year’s [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]], Mr Stephen Baldwin, has been evicted! The God-bothering housemate and member of the Baldwin acting dynasty has proved unpopular with the housemates and with the public. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with his constant preaching and bible-reading?

He leaves the house to merciless booing from the crowd, wearing a t-shirt with a religious slogan on it. At the top of the stairs, Stephen stops and points to the sky. Amen, brother.

We’re treated to some of Stephen’s best bits – constantly smiling, smarmily reciting bible verses to the housemates and generally being such a fun guy.Yes, there were moments of freaky fundamentalism, especially when he denounced evolution – bound to score commentary from athiests like me and perhaps Richard Dawkins! But he was a kind and caring housemate. He had his bizarre grudges – like with Nicola when she claimed he talked about evictions and got the housemates in trouble with Big Brother.

In his exit interview with Davina McCall, Stephen talks about how Big Brother tries to break you down psychologically, but claims to have had one goal – to represent the king of kings, blah blah blah.

He talks to Davina about how Alex Reid responded to his discussions about religion. Davina shows him a headline that says “Bin Jord for Lord”, which gives him a chuckle.

On Vinnie, he says that Vinnie’s dominance in the house is going to suffer. However, instead of it being Sisqo, Stephen suggests that Dane Bowers is going to be the one to unseat Vinnie as head of house. Hmmm, no evidence of that so far, but we’re willing to watch and see!

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