Celebrity Big Brother: Who might win?

Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens on Thursday with a bang. A bunch of new housemates entered with some well-known characters including Frankie Cocozza, Denise Welch and Natalie Cassidy. But in 3 weeks time, who will be crowned the winner?

Barely two months ago, Aaron stepped out of the house as the winner of the regular series and a few months before that Paddy won the celebrity version. With channel 5 making a generous amount from Big Brother, they have quickly put another series back on our screens. With loads of rumours circling about who was going to enter the house, a few of the housemates were surprises. Here’s a look at who might do well and who could be first out.

Natalie Cassidy: I had mixed views on Natalie before she entered on Thursday. I liked her during her Eastenders role, but I did think she seemed to love the fame as she continued to make a reality TV show when she pregnant. Also she has been in the press for her yo-yo weight, after losing so much and then went on to gain it all. She has gone quieter over the last year since having her daughter and leaving her abusive fiancé. However, I thought she looked lovely last night and she entered the house to cheers. She was brilliant during her secret task and I felt sorry for her having to kiss Frankie and I hope it hasn’t caused an issue with Nicola. I think she could definitely be in the top 3 but we will have to wait and see…

Micheal Madsen: Micheal was next in the famous house and his entrance was very strange indeed. The actor, who is best known for Reservoir Dogs, was dressed like a cow boy and seemed to be full of himself. He went wandering off when others were coming in and often didn’t even stand up to greet them. He might get a bit nicer over the coming days and be like a father figure, but I’m not sure if he will do well.

Andrew Stone: Andrew is famous for Pinapple Dance Studios and he once made an appearance on Big Brother during the Josie year. I thought his entrance was very over the top, but when he reached the house he seemed to calm down a bit and I think he could actually be quite a nice guy. I think he could help entertain the housemates and be quite friendly with them all. I think he might reach the top 5.

Kristina and Karissa: the twins are best known for being the ex girlfriends of Playboy God Hugh Heffner. They both seem very lively and were both playing up to the audience. I think that they will have a laugh in the house but will be quite hard to like and will be one of the first ones to go.

Frankie Cocozza was greeted by lots of boos to which he told Brian ‘I don’t care’. I have to say he did seem really young and I think he won’t be arrogant and obnoxious all the time in the house with the other characters. I think that he won’t have much of a chance with the girls in the house as he’s much younger and they are all very glamorous. Maybe the twins will have some fun with him. He is very popular with some youngsters but whether they are allowed to watch is another question so I don’t think he will last too long.

Nicola Mclean is a WAG who was once in I’m a Celebrity. She is quite mouthy and often has rows on twitter with certain celebrities. I think she will be quite bitchy in the house andwill get on well with Natasha. But she did surprise people on I’m a celebrity so maybe if she does get quite down to earth who knows but I think she will be one of the first out too.

Natasha Giggs- It’s hard to like her although she seemed ok when she went into the house. But how can you like someone who had an affair with her own brother in law for nine years? I don’t think I will change my opinion about her but who knows. I think the public will agree and she will be booted out.

Gareth Thomas seems like he will be a nice guy in the house. The former rugby star who came out as gay will get on well with everyone. He seems like a nice guy but will speak his mind if he doesn’t agree with something. I think that he is a contender for the top five definitely

Georgia Salpha is a model from Ireland. Fairly unknown she will find it hard to get the public to vote for her. However she is very stunning and I think she has been put in for a potential romance with Kirk. She looks like Kim Kardashian which Kirk described as his ideal woman. If she’s down to earth, she could do quite well.

Kirk Norcross: Kirk is best known for being in the only way is essex (another one leaves from the show L). He has openly admitted he’s looking for some fun and is sure to do well with his Towie fans. I think that him, Romeo and Frankie will be good mates and I think he will make the top 3

Romeo Dunn is well known for being in So Solid Crew ages ago. He is a good looking lad who has been fairly quiet for the last few years. I think he will be looking at a few of the girls and he could be quite popular with the public if he is laid back.

Denise Welch: Denise is well known for being on the Loose Women panel as well as being on soap opera Corrie and also appearing on last year’s dancing on ice. She is a likable character and I think that the viewers will warm to her. She is known to speak her mind and has been open about her wild past so I think she will be fun to watch and will possibly make the top 3.

Betting websites think Natalie could win and I think that could be possible but I think Kirk and Denise will be big competition and it will be interesting to see how their characters develop over the next few weeks…

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Gotta say, Jo, for the first time I haven’t really heard of most of these ‘celebs’ this year! Channel 5 must’ve had to lean right in to reach the very bottom of the barrel this time round!

    I’m interested in what you think of Frankie Cocozza though – is this lairy wide-boy image an act that he’s putting on for the cameras? Or do you think he’s actually a normal human being underneath it all?

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