Celebrity breakups: Is the Marvin Humes – Rochelle Wiseman split a big fat lie?

Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman

You may remember earlier in the week we reported that Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes (of The Saturdays and JLS – work out for yourself which group each one’s in) – had split up. Both claimed the split was amicable and that they remained friends.

However, they may have remained more friendly than anyone first thought. A tweet by a source called Urban Insider claims that the couple’s breakup was a cynical ploy to draw attention to their respective new singles:

Managed 2 catch up with JLS PR – Turns out Marv & Rochelle’s relationship/break up has been orchestrated 2 boost interest around new singles

Suddenly it all makes sense. I feel so used! It definitely sounds feasible – not more than a week ago, OK published an interview where Rochelle shared her plans for Christmas with Marvin and their families. Check it out:

But Rochelle told us she’s looking forward to her time off with Marvin this Christmas, which will be the couple’s first Christmas together in their new house.

She said: “The whole family are coming for Christmas, Marvin and I are going to have it at our house this year so everyone is coming to us. It’s going to be really nice, I’m looking forward to it!”

And while we’re on the subject of Marvin, Rochelle says the pair are still ridiculously happy and aren’t letting all the excitement from the ‘outside’ get in the way of their romance.

She told us: “You kind of don’t think about it [being in the limelight]. We don’t know any different, ever since we met each other it’s just how it has been.

Rochelle was also spouting about the joys of their relationship to Now Magazine recently as she talked future plans and possible babies with her impeccably built sperm donor:

I wouldn’t be at this stage in the relationship if it was just a bit of fun. I see all of that (marriage and children) happening with him one day – especially babies.

If we weren’t such cynical types, we’d throw in benefit of the doubt stuff like, ‘maybe she was putting on a brave face’ or ‘who knows, maybe he was cheating on her’. On the other hand, with The Saturdays desperately trying to plug their latest music, and JLS with a new album around the corner, there may be something behind this story.

We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? If we see an overblown reunion in a couple of weeks’ time where the pair declare their undying love for each other, then we’ll know it was a scam. One pinch of salt – why would a JLS PR confirm that a story was made up to help sell records? That’s professional suicide in some circles.

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  1. yum mum

    i’l be very surprised if the break up is completely orchestrated for publicity purposes tbh.

    marvin wouldnt purposefully lie. im 100% sure about that.

    anyone who knows him would know that is not his style at all. furthermore jls dont need to orchestrate publicity for sales. (the saturays maybe, but not the boys)

    although in all honesty it would be nice to see them back together,they were very good together. 

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I hear what you’re saying. The thing is, I’m told the guy who tweeted that bit about the PR is quite a reliable source. And the comments that Rochelle has been making in magazines certainly didn’t hint at any trouble between the two of them – she was clearly talking long term.

      This wouldn’t have been the first time a celebrity’s private life had been used to generate interest in a record – Geri Halliwell and Chris Evans were among the first to pull a stunt like this. I don’t like the idea myself, but you can’t deny that it seems a little fishy.

      1. yum mum

        i will admit i was surprised at the original break up news, because for one thing rochelle was on loose women only a few days before talking about their relationship, and although there was no hint of problems, she also, in the same conversation, gave a little moan about her being the ‘clean up fairy’ and how he leaves his mess lying around and suddenly its all dissapeared by the time he comes home – it seemed a light hearted joke at the time but it could have been this that caused a ruction between them….no man likes to be dissed live on air. especially one who puts up the image of being a perfect catch. i firmly believe she may have dented his ego with that kind of joke.

        and as for the magazine interviews its possible they were wrote weeks ago, when all was fine and dandy.

        and its also possible the PR person may have made a passable comment that has been blown out of proportion.

        this break up was instigated by marvin im almost positive of that……which is another reason im so sure it isnt fake.

        he may change his mind and want her back though, (when he’s feeling lonely on tour)


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