Celebrity Juice- End of series 5

Celebrity Juice ended its fifth series last night with an End of Series Party, which looked at the best bits of the series. The comedy show is hosted by Keith Lemon and has been running since 2008 but has gained popularity in the last year.

Celebrity Juice is the weirdest of shows with regular team captains Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton battling it out with a number of guest panel members. Leigh Francis, who is known by his character Keith Lemon, hosts the show and explains what each team has to do. Rufus Hound is also a regular on the show and appears on Fearne’s team. The show is hilarious and the banter between Fearne, Holly, Rufus and Keith is great fun to watch. Holly Willoughby is known as Holly Willobooby, which has become a catchphrase with the public and Keith often mentions her breasts. Keith’s regular torment of Fearne and her ‘nostrils’ has also become a favourite with fans.

Thursday night’s show was the end of series party and looked back at some of the best episodes this series. Some of my favourite parts included the VT round which had Keith vs Jedward or David Hasselhoff. The VT which had them running away from a dog was hilarious and also where they had to make a baby smile left Jedward making it cry which was so funny. Another highlight has been Gino D’Acampo presence twice on the show. Especially during the dingbat round where he had to say things wrong on purpose which was also great fun to watch. Another of my favourite episodes was when the Lambs were on the panel and Keith had to try and make them laugh. This showed what a professional Larry is and he wouldn’t smile at all.

I have also loved the round where they put the panel’s head on different bodies. When Louis Walsh was on the show and had to kiss himself it made brilliantly funny television. I also have loved other guests on the show including Brooke Vincent who plays Sophie in Corrie who had a laugh and showed she can be great fun, Chris Moyles who also joined in with the games and had a laugh and Davina McCall who was as hilarious as ever. Other funny parts included when Keith had to ‘go at’ Fearne and Gok Wan. This was hilarious and the naked old man was brilliant. This game also was shown again in the Soap special when Michelle Keegan and Adele Silva had a giant ‘baby’ man come at them.

Although Holly has been missing the last few episodes this series has been great and one of the best yet. I’m not sure what the special ingredient is but this show is brilliant fun to watch and makes you laugh out loud with the crude jokes. I cant wait till it returns in September.

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