Chantelle Houghton finishes Ultimate Big Brother in 3rd Place

When she entered Celebrity Big Brother a few years ago, Chantelle Houghton was a complete unknown – the only ‘civilian’ in a house full of famous people. A whirlwind romance with Samuel Preston from The Ordinary Boys followed, and the couple married amid a storm of tabloid interest.

The couple divorced and ended up being reunited in this year’s Ultimate Big Brother. Chantelle discovered she had unresolved feelings for the singer, and wept through a large portion of the series. After acknowledging that Preston didn’t share her feelings, she’d get periodically tearful.

To make matters worse, Davina offers her some tissues and then rolls a montage of clips of Chantelle crying. And Victor and Nick pondering if Big Brother will show the footage. Of course they will!

She talks about how she didn’t want him to know inside the house how she felt, but told him today because she knew he’d be asked about it in interview. And clearly the couple have talked and are NOT getting back together. But Chantelle says she’s going to speak to him ‘properly’ tomorrow.

She talks about her fondness for Coolio and describes him as a little boy. But she denies any feelings for him. Ugh, no way.

And that’s it. Catch up with the rest of Chantelle’s story in tabloid newspapers everywhere.

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