Charlie Sheen ready to sign on for a new sitcom?

Now that the Two And A Half Men door has firmly closed behind Charlie Sheen (in case you’ve been living under a rock, Sheen’s being replaced by Ashton Kutcher), it seems the #tigerblood drinking loony is on the verge of signing a new sitcom deal.

According to reports, Sheen is being pitched in a comedy series that will be written around him. It’s not clear whether that means a fictional version of himself or simply that he’ll be the focus of the show.

On one hand, reports are optimistic that whoever picks up the as-yet-unnamed series will make a full season order. They’re not planning on messing around with ordering a pilot and timidly watching audience reaction (which might be the more sensible move where Sheen’s hit and miss antics are concerned). It’s thought that if given the green light, the new Sheencom (as we will now refer to it) could be hitting TV screens stateside as early as January 2012.

Regarding which networks are likely to take on a risky Charlie Sheen project, Nellie Andreeva at Deadline says:

CBS is out of the picture and sources [are] indicating that ABC and NBC are not happening either.

Out of all the major networks, that would leave Fox as the only real contender. But again, we’re sceptical that after his public meltdown and firing from Two And A Half Men, Sheen may not be the safest bet when it comes to fronting a new series.

And honestly? I thought his character in Men was close enough to his public persona already. Wouldn’t creating a series around ‘Charlie’ essentially be taking that character and writing an entire new environment for him?

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