Charlotte Church reveals album artwork and track list for Back To Scratch

Here’s Charlotte Church, trussed up in some very uncomfortable looking corsage, all elbows and armpits exposed as the salt water spoils her lovely dress.

Yes folks, avoiding the cliches like, ‘the Welsh warbler’, ‘the Crazy Chick singer’ and ‘former voice of an angel’, the return of Charlotte Church continues at a brisk pace. Today, she’s released the track list to her new album, Back To Scratch. The title almost implies a return to her roots, overlooking the teenage rebellion-type pop album from a while back.

The album cover itself is more Leona Lewis than Lady Gaga, which is a blessing.

Her second pop album – following 2005’s Platinum selling ‘Tissues and Issues’ – ‘Back To Scratch’, shows off a mature, refined side to Charlotte, with a sophisticated pop sound that will doubtless win her legions of new converts as well as satisfying her loyal fan-base. Partly written in Nashville with Luke Laird and Patrick Davis, she also worked with local Welsh artists The Druids and Jonathan Powell on the album.

The album is due to be released on 25th October and the lead single will be title track Back To Scratch which will be available to buy on 19th September. Church says the track was written about a family member, but by the time the track was being recorded, it became about the breakup of her relationship with Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson. She says: “It became the perfect song for my situation, so I sing it with a lot of conviction.”

Track listing

  1. Back To Scratch
  2. We Were Young
  3. Ruby
  4. Unravelling
  5. Logical World
  6. Suitcase
  7. The Actors
  8. The Story Of Us
  9. Don’t Think About It
  10. Cup Of The Sun
  11. Snow
  12. Lovedrunk
  13. Honestly
  14. Not-so-secret hidden track: River

The hidden track is Charlotte’s cover of the Joni Mitchell classic River, from Mitchell’s 1971 album, Blue.

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