Chart Update: Don’t make me drop without you

This is the second week of this Chart Update thing I got goin’ onnn, so enjoy:

New Releases:

Ke$ha – ‘Take It Off’

She’s still singing about partying but, she’s looks fiiiiine in the video; sings in the verses; is backed up by heavier instrumentation; and makes me feel like I want to go party with her this time, not sit at home and count my brain-cells dying.

Mark Ronson & The Busniess Intl. ft. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock – ‘The Bike Song’

Not disappointingly, Mark Ronson releases ‘The Bike Song’ as the second trailer for his third album which finally drops on Setpember 27. It’s gathers together ideas which on paper seem just laughable, but his skilled knob-twiddling and unique flair had flourished forth and made this a loveable, fun wonky-pop track.

Pendulum – ‘The Island Pt. 1 – Dawn’

Pendulum clearly had “Chart Position” on their mind when they recorded this; much more obviously commercial than their last effort, the simply stunning ‘Witchcraft’. In fact, it see them venture into a more dubstep-ish hybrid sound, but it is a bit of a let down considering their back catalogue.

Bruno Mars – ‘Just The Way You Are’ (pictured)

The talented singer/songwriter has had enough of the back seat and now wants to break into the mainstream. He manages to do very well on his début, as well as pulling off the incredibly hard task of writing a seemingly generic song and making it so special that even I like it.

Scissor Sisters – ‘Any Which Way’

Id you were worried that Jake and the gang had gone all sensible on us following the release of comeback single ‘Fire With Fire’, you’ll be surprised (pleasantly) with this next release. ‘Any With Way’ combines Bee-Gees-styled vocals over a rubbery bassline and a spoken interlude from Ana Matronic. Pure grope-you-by-the-groin sexiness.

Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Sherzinger – ‘Heartbeat’

A slow, hot-under-the-collar electro-ballad from the pop veteran serves as Enrique’s second UK release from ‘Euphoria’. He enlists Nicole Sherzinger and the two of them sizzle in this romantic, contemporary, relaxed song, but the chorus is a bet of a let down and, no matter her sexy Enrique’s croon maybe, you will eventually notice the repetitiveness.

What’s going down in Chart Town:

> Alexandra and THAT song has finally been de-throned from their unrightful position a-top the Singles Chart, to make way for Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’. Alexandra currently resides at #2.

> Emma’s Imagination (of ‘Must Be The Music’ fame) is a new entry at #3 with ‘Focus’. Right behind her is Taio Cruz with ‘Dynamite‘, and on his heels is Katy Perry, with that irresistable party tune, ‘Teenage Dream‘.

> Shontelle has held on to her rightful place in the Top 10 with ‘Impossible‘.

> Enrique and Nicole have shot straight into the Top 20 with ‘Heartbeat’, sitting comfortably at #17.

> Following the release of their new video (which can been viewed by clicking this link or the one in the video section), The Saturdays have burst into the Top 40 with their Flo Rida un-assisted, album version of next single ‘Higher’. They currently reside at #30.

> Unfortunately for Mark Ronson, ‘The Bike song’ is catching on as fast as ‘Bang Bang Bang’ did; it’s been slowly rising and is now set to enter the charts at #31.

> Example, Iyaz and Maroon 5 can kiss the Top 40 goodbye as they all plummet downwards with ‘Last Ones Standing‘, ‘So Big‘ and ‘Misery‘.

> Pendulum are not invited to Sunday’s Official Chart, because ‘The Island Pt. 1 – Dawn’ seems to be absent from the Top 100, as is Scissor Sisters’ ‘Any Which Way‘… annoyingly.

And now for some videos (a very busy week for video débuts):

Scouting For Girls – ‘Don’t Want To Leave You’ (Their first real actual offical ermm… ballad)

Pixie Lott – ‘Broken Arrow’ (Two words: CRAP. HAT.)

Kelly Rowland – ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ (“Promotional single”)

Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Sherzinger – ‘Heartbeat’ (Quite lovely light action)

3OH!3 – ‘Double Vision’ (Actually quite a good song and video)

Kelly Rowland – ‘Forever And A Day’ (Next official UK single)

Travie McCoy – ‘We’ll Be Alright’ (It samples Supergrass. It’s rubbush.)

Labrinth – ‘Let The Sun Shine’ (Still don’t get the fascination with this song)

Cheryl Cole – ‘Promise This’ (Cannot wait to give this the scathing review it deserves)

The Saturdays – ‘Higher’ (No show Flo?)

Ting Tings – ‘Hands’ (Industial Big Brother)

Owl City – ‘To The Sky’ (released on Setpember 1… must’ve missed it.)


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Hey, thanks for posting. Just got back from a couple of days in London – caught the Must Be The Music final at Wembley. Hopefully I’ll get a minute to post my top ten singles post tomorrow morning once I’ve got caught up!

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