Chart Update: Where’s all the promotion?

Okay, so this has been a long time planning, and it’s basically to let you know how things are going on the Official UK Singles Chart at irregular points during the week. You may get an update tomorrow, or Firday, or both; it depends on if anything interesting happens in the chart during such times, okay?

And once Sunday arrive, Gerard can take over and post his Chartwatch entry on the Official Top 10 as of week week ending. 🙂

Every Monday, you’ll get an update like this one, with a small review on the hottest new releases with links to the longer reviews if they’re up on the site (links will be added when the reviews are up). From then on, take note of the blog post name (e.g. “Chart Update: XXX”), because I’ll update them as Chart Update: XXX #2″, so the next installment for this week will be “Chart Update: ‘Where’s all the promotion?’ #2”, got it? These reviews will be smaller, but will fill you all in on how the new releases are doing, plus some sarcastic commets if something funny happens to Olly Murs début… like a drastically sheer slip down the chart… that would be really funny, wouldn’t it? Yes.

Right, so first, here are this weeks (most likely to chart) new releases:

Maroon 5 – ‘Misery’

Maroon 5’s comeback single for third album ‘Hands All Over’ is your typical Maroon 5 comeback single. Everything you’d expect, but nothing new; it’s cheery, poppy and super radio-friendly. The video however, is less so.

Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – ‘2012 (It Ain’t The End)’

All his songs sound the same, except for this one, he’s enlisted the help of Nicki Minaj, who does spruce up proceedings but unfortunately, this is just generic crap loosely based around the 2012 Doomsday Theory in an attempt to make “music with a deeper meaning”. Dude, you’re still PARTYING.

Robyn – ‘ Hang With Me’

The Swedish pop princess is gearing up for the release of second trailer for her Tri-Album release, with ‘Hang With Me’, a revamped version of the acousitc ballad that appeared on ‘Body Talk Pt. 2’. I love her to bits and this is just lovely but “dead”, “horse”, and “flogging” come to mind.

Kings Of Leon – ‘Radioactive’

Ahh.. this one’s a weird one. Whilst it’s not doing much for me I realise many people are eager to get their hands on this… but do they even know it’s been released for three days already? ‘Radioactive’ isn’t doing much for the Kings Of Leon either – except for getting ‘Use Somebody’ back to #98.

Shontelle – ‘Impossible’

A truly wonderful love song here. It may seem your typical R&B ballad but there’s something oh-so sincere about Shontelle’s vocal performance; something I’ve found even Rihanna has struggled with, is sincerity.

Example – ‘Last Ones Standing’

This is another weird one, purely because it’s had HEAPS of promotion (or at least radio airplay) and last week, it manage to get to #35 in the downloads, #47 in the Official Chart, but now, it’s just falling and falling, despite it being one of his best tunes yet.

Iyaz – ‘So Big’

Three words: Credit. Crunch. Akon. It’s enjoyable enough, and far less annoying than his previous two efforts but, if only he’s sprinkled his Island-themed spice over this release, like his last two.

And here’s what going on in the chart:

> Alexandra Burke is still fending off strong competition from Katy and Taio at #1, outselling Katy by 1,000 and Taio by 3,300.

> For reasons beyond my knowledge, The Wanted had jumped safely back into Top 15 with their début single ‘All Time Low’… maybe it’s the release of their new video?

> Shontelle’s ‘Impossible’ got off to a slow start, only making #66 by Monday night, but for some reason she too has propelled herself upward and into the Top 15, snuggling up beside The Wanted at #14.

> Despite not being released until next week, strong digital downloads of Ke$ha’s stellar new single ‘Take It Off’ has managed to bay herself at the edge of the Top 15, a climb of three since last week.

> Another ‘Must Be The Music’ finalist has found their way into the Official Chart – this time it’s the boys of Missing Andy. They performed a song called ‘Sing For The Deaf’ and it’s now plonked it’s behind very nicely at #25.

> Maroon 5’s ‘Misery’ has climbed even slower than Shontelle. It and ‘Impossible’ remian the only new entries in the Official Chart (excluding ‘Must Be The Music’ finalists). It’s climbed to #32, despite having absolutely no promotion at all. I think I heard it once on the John Collins show.

> Following her quite frankly AWFUL warbling at the Help The Heroes concert, Pixie’s cover of the Kings Of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’ has won a spot at #40, but hopefully it will drop out round about Wednesday. The Saturdays’ ‘Missing You’ has also climbed six places to #20.

> Despite her VMA slot, Robyn was cut out by MTV being stupid and therefore, a snub by Radio 1, no video airplay, and no promotion has left her stranded at #95.

> Promotion this week has been awful, because there’s no sign of two of the biggest hyped tracks this week in the Top 100 – Kings Of Leon’s ‘Radioactive’, Jay Sean & Nicki Minaj’s ‘2012’ and Iyaz’s ‘So Big’ are yet to make an appearance, despite how commercial (so… rubbish) the latter two are.

Over on the Album Chart…

> The Script have dislodged Brandon Flowers from the top spot, pushing him down to third, while Linkin Park have the #2. In fourth is The xx, followed by HURTS, who is then followed by Katy Perry, in sixth. 

> The Saturdays’ ‘Headlines!’ has held into it’s place in the Top 20… just. It sits at #19.

> Robyn and ‘Body Talk Pt. 2’ are at #10, while The Pretty Reckless drop to #35.

And finally, here are some lovely, fresh video for you to feast your eyes and ears on:

Plan B – ‘The Recluse’ (Back at his gritty best… in a visual sense)

N-Dubz – ‘Best Behaviour’ (maybe not so lovely, in this case)

Paloma Faith – ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ (0:50… AHA! What a face…)

The Hoosiers – ‘Unlikely Hero’ (there’s a great dance routine from some Cousin It wannabes)

Kings Of Leon – ‘Radioactive’ (don’t get why it’s not higher in the charts)

Bruno Mars – ‘Just The Way You Are’ (smash in waiting, even I like this)

Cee-Lo Green – ‘Fuck You’ (it rhymes “Ferrari” and “sorry”)

The WANTED – ‘Heart Vacancy’ (the longest sit down in history)

See you in a few days!

P.S. Feel free to comment with suggestions of what albums and single you want some updates on next time.

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