Chartwatch – 27 February edition: Adele holds her Number 1 with Someone Like You

Adele repeats her trick of appearing in the top ten twice this week with Somone Like You occupying the #1 slot and Rolling In The Deep at #4. Thanks to that appearance on The Brits. But I’m quite sad that Rolling is being overshadowed by another Adele song – it’s one of my absolute favourites.

Also making two appearances in this week’s Top 10 is former lady batterer Chris Brown, who’s experiencing a bit of a career renaissance at the moment. It seems all may be forgiven (finally) and it’s nice to see music being the thing he’s being recognised for now!

Shock chart drop this week is Lady GaGa’s Born This Way, which certainly hadn’t inspired me to write a review. Could it be the lack of a video that’s cost the song video airplay? Or could it be that it’s possibly Gaga’s weakest single to date?

  1. Adele – Someone Like You: This track is simply drenched in angst and heartbreak, but the beauty is in Adele’s delivery – she controls the power of those emotions and unleashes all the pain at just the right moments. Gorgeous ballad.
  2. Jessie J ft B.o.B – Price Tag: A fantastic follow-up to Do It Like A Dude, and one that’s endeared Jessie J to us. Great song, great sentiment. Love this gal.
  3. Rihanna – S&M (Come On): An oversexed weak point in what’s been an amazing few months for Rihanna. A kind of regression into her less listenable Rated R era material, despite the hyper-colourful video in front of it. Yawn.
  4. Adele – Rolling In The Deep: An incredibly powerful piece of music. Brimming with suppressed menace, this is what seperated Duffy and Adele’s sophmore albums. 
  5. Chipmunk ft Chris Brown – Champion: Love this song, shockingly good track, but it makes me laugh every time at how ‘street’ Chipmunk is trying to look, like a young Puffy. He’s trying much too hard with the image. But an excellent track all the same.
  6. Alexis Jordan – Good Girl: Another cute teen R&B track from Alexis, I love this for being fresh but retaining its innocence. However, reviewer Oddone isn’t so sure – tell us what you think!
  7. Bruno Mars – Grenade: He’d catch a grenade for ya, he’d probably even do the Sir Walter Ralleigh thing and throw his cape over a puddle for ya as well. Bruno Mars proves that chivalry isn’t dead with one of the best ballad in donkey’s years.
  8. Lady Gaga – Born This Way: Aha, here she is. Gaga slipped five places in the last week. The suggestion is that Born This Way just isn’t that good bears repeating, but after an amazing couple of years, we can forgive Gaga a duff single. Too early to be declaring her ‘over’.
  9. Chris Brown – Yeah 3X: Not nearly as good as his collaboration with Chipmunk (did we ever think we’d write a sentence like that?) Passable pop stuff, but utterly forgettable.
  10. Pink – Perfect: Our Oddone describes this as a solid aspirational single in keeping with a long line of similar tunes in the charts.

So there’s your top ten. I was hoping Puffy and Dirty Money would still be in the top ten with their amazing track. And also Nicki Minaj, who’s really charming me with Moment 4 Life.

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