Chartwatch: Alexandra Burke shows Olly Murs who’s boss

Bad girl Alexandra Burke delivers a knockout blow to last year’s X Factor runner up, Olly Murs – she’s shoved him off the #1 spot after only one week, causing much mirth in the Unreality Shout camp, let me tell you!

The minor drawback of this is that she leapfrogged Miss Perry’s Teenage Dream single, causing it to languish at #2 for yet another week! And for the second week in a row, an act from Sky One’s Must Be The Music has made the Top Ten. Let’s take a look at this week’s top ten singles:

  1. Alexandra Burke – Start Without You: Effortlessly taking the #1 with her Carribean-tinged single, just like I said she would. Do you think she can squeeze in another single before Christmas?
  2. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: Katy’s anthemic nostalgia trip settles in for a second week at #2, but we still love it. (Incidentally, she’s the readers’ favourite X Factor guest judge on our sister site, Unreality TV)
  3. Taio Cruz – Dynamite: The guys are calling Dynamite a bland, by-the-numbers Taio Cruz track, but I kind of like it.
  4. Olly Murs – Please Don’t Let Me Go: Har har har! If you like your men bland and cheesy, the Charmless Mr Murs is for you. Let’s hope he’s slipped out of the charts completely before next Sunday and we can all set about forgetting him.
  5. The Script – For The First Time: Haven’t heard this one yet, but our very own OddOne says “A modern rock classic this is not.” Steer clear.
  6. McFly – Party Girl: Funny story – Harry from MyFly retweeted our glowing review of McFly’s comeback single. It may well be the best-read single review on Shout this year!
  7. Eminem ft Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie: The peroxide loving rapper’s triumphant return continues with a duet with up and coming singer, Rihanna. She’s going to be big, that girl. Mark our words.
  8. Katy B – Katy On A Mission: I’m reliably informed that this one is another pop turkey. Thankfully, it hasn’t assailed my ears yet.
  9. Flo Rida ft David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me: This one I love. I know the guys don’t approve of Guetta’s influence on the pop charts, and it does sound too close to I Gotta Feelin for comfort. But it remains awesome.
  10. Emma’s Imagination – This Day: Wonderful acoustic tune from Must Be The Music act Emma’s Imagination. You’ll love this song, and it absolutely deserves to be a hit.

Just to play you out of this post – here’s Glaswegian busker Emma playing her song on last week’s Must Be The Music. As always, Unreality Shout supports up and coming artists – please show your support for Emma by buying her single on iTunes!

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  1. Dara Hickey


    Sorry, karaoke moment. I do love that song, and I’m oh so happy about Harry re-tweeting it. *Girl squeal*

    That really should’ve been #1, not just out of personal favouritism but it boasts a lot more musical know-how that the recycled RedOne beats of ‘Start Without You’.

    With regards the Alexnadra, I heard off a particualrly reliable grapevine that she’s already planning to release ‘The Silence’ (actually, it was planned to be released before ‘Start Without You’, but I guess Simon wanted her to take advantage of the summer market).

    Anyhoo, it looks like it’ll be her x Factor performance single, with the release the next day to maximise sales and for once, I may succumb, because it is a stunning ballad, and after all the tripe she’s tossed at us so far (with the exception of the hugley enjoyable ‘All Night Long’) ‘The Silence’ is a brilliant display of why it was Alexandra that won X Factor, and not those talentless mime puppets of the J, L and S variety.

    ‘Dynamite’ has a universal appeal, it was bona fide #1, in fact, so bona fide that Alexandra got a bit scared and waited for the release of ‘Start Without You’ until this week, where there was “less” competition. Stingy gits.

    You really should go out and listen to Katy B, then tell me what is so special. People call the dirge EUPHORIC!? No Just no. Euphoric needs a ME-LO-DY. Not some buzzing and an auto-tuned bint with her vocals attached to a bungee.

    And to The Script: your comeback single may be very much a grower, but it’s still not getting anywhere near a 3.0 rating.

    But here’s the really interesting thing: Only two song released this week have actually made into the Top 40 downloads: Shontelle’s ‘Impossible’ and Maroon 5’s ‘Misery’… meaning the throne is open for Katy to steal, unless, God forbid… ‘Start Without You’ become the first two-weeker at #1 since… since… (you’re gunna love this)… ‘California Gurls’, which topped the charts over three months ago.

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