Chartwatch: Tinie Tempah tops the UK singles chart

Tinie Tempah

Hola, amigos! Welcome to the first singles chart of October 2010!

This week the charts are mostly bloke dominated, with a smattering of hot females. And Katy Perry continues to be the Chlamydia of the top ten – once she gets in there, it’s near impossible to get rid of her! Let’s take a look at this week’s chart, shall we? As always, our awesome single reviews are linked to where possible!

  1. Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner – Written In The Stars: A kind of “hip-hop anthem by numbers” including some impassioned wailing from guest windpipes Eric Turner. And Tinie Tempah’s second number one single. I think we predicted this would be huge. Didn’t we?
  2. Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Amazing): Described by our resident pop guru OddOne as cliched and cheesy, he says it’s the buckets of charm that redeem the first song Bruno’s released without big-name backup.
  3. Labrinth – Let The Sun Shine: According to OddOne’s single review, this one boasts a chorus that “falls flat on its face”. I can’t wait to hear this one. *ahem*
  4. Adele – Make You Feel My Love: Jumping back into the charts on the back of some wannabe’s singing it on last week’s X Factor, this prompts the all-important question: Is Adele still alive?
  5. Taio Cruz – Dynamite: Some say generic, I say not bad. But then I’m from the school of thought that says Cruz releases pretty decent, on-trend pop music with the right balance of urban swagger and irresistible hooks. It’s generic like Burger King, but I betcha you still eat there.
  6. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: Even though the rotation of Teenage Dream seems to be cooling off slightly, Miss Perry still manages to keep a stranglehold on the singles chart. Might be time to rack up another single though, Katy.
  7. The Script – For The First Time: If you like your music bland and slightly retrograde, The Script are for you. Nice lads, sure, but they channel the polished sound of the 90’s but leave the lasting hooks behind. They’re still infinitely more likeable than Scouting For Girls though.
  8. Enrique Iglesias ft Nicole Scherzinger – Heartbeat: Without a doubt the sexiest single on the chart this week. Not to be confused with the plodding ITV1 60’s police-in-a-village drama series that your parents watched.
  9. Katy B – Katy On A Mission: Euphoric, sublime, but probably completely forgettable. Will it be in the top ten next week?
  10. Alexandra Burke ft Laza Morgan – Start Without You: There she goes, drip-dropping her way out of the top ten. It’s a drop of five places in the chart for Miss Burke of the Caledonian Road, but we’re still loving Start Without You

In other chart-related news, Ke$ha’s amazing single Take It Off is hovering at #18. As travesties go, this is up there with the Adam Lambert airplay outrage. Tell your friends to go out and buy Ke$ha’s single, or she’ll run out of money for glitter, and nobody wants that, do they?

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  1. Dara Hickey

    Katy Perry’s next single is to be ‘Firework’, which is my Track Of The Album’ for the slightly on and off ‘Teenage Dream’.

    The videos is expected to arrive in a few days and it’ll probably released around mid-November.

  2. Dara Hickey

    Yeah there is supposedly a “Making Of…” video floating around somewhere; Pop Justice had it but embadding got disabled on their site. How annoying.

    I’ll post it if I can find it 🙂

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