Chartwatch: World loves Cee Lo Green’s ode to swearing!

Welcome, chart watchers, to a shockingly on time version of Unreality Shout’s chartwatch! This week, we discover the power of obscenity can score you a number one single. And judging by their chart performance, not everybody hates the new Kings Of Leon single.

In other news, Robbie and Gary continue their love-in, but we’re placing bets that they’ll be scratching each other’s eyes out again by the end of the next Take That tour. If not sooner. Bruno Mars continues to be amazing, while Alexandra Burke slowly drip-dropped her way out of the top ten this week. Here’s the round up:

  1. Cee Lo Green – Forget You: Currently the world’s favourite song with swearing as its core message. Unfortunately decorum states that we’ll replace the offensive title with the slightly laughable “Forget You”.
  2. Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow – Shame: Slightly tedious single marking Gaz and Rob’s newfound bromance. One for the fans. But there are so many Take That fans out there, this was bound to be a hit. We’d complain about how unfair it was, but we’d be wasting our breath.
  3. Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner – Written In The Stars: Anthemic. Powerful. Not like his previous two singles. Stylistically speaking. This is the single that made us sit up and take notice of Mr Tempah.
  4. Bruno Mars – Just The Way You are (Amazing): Bruno continues to prove why he’s hot property on the collaboration front with the first single that he appears alone in. He’s so cute!
  5. Swedish House Mafia v Tinie Tempah – Miami 2 Ibiza: New entry. Haven’t heard it. Feel like making up an excuse for why I haven’t done my homework.
  6. Labrinth – Let The Sun Shine: According to OddOne’s single review, this one boasts a chorus that “falls flat on its face”. I can’t wait to hear this one. *ahem*
  7. Kings Of Leon – Radioactive: Fans of stadium-rock era Kings Of Leon will apparently adore this. Meanwhile, we continue to spin our version of Because Of The Times. Because we don’t like change.
  8. Taio Cruz – Dynamite: Continuing to divide opinion here on Shout, Taio Cruz is the Brit R&B star with bags of American swagger. Well, it had to happen sometime.
  9. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: Yummy Katy slips a few more spaces. But rejoice, for as soon as one KP single slips out of the chart, another shall replace it. It’s written in scripture or something. Katy will be releasing her next single Firework very shortly…
  10. Enrique Iglesias ft Nicole Scherzinger – Heartbeat: Two smouldering sexy people sing in a smouldering way to each other. We hate them. Well, we quite like Nicole, to be truthful.

When you think about it, Perry releasing Firework around Halloween is a pretty shrewd move really.

And we’re crossing our fingers that Heartbeat is so sexy that Nicole Scherzinger may end up pregnant just by having had Enrique sing it to her. Teenage mums the world over will be glad of scientific evidence that you can conceive just by listening to sultry (not slutty) ballads.

And on that flight of fancy, we bid you adieu from this week’s chartwatch!.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    Actually, you’re right Gerard! since last week’s ChartWatch, Katy announced the official release of ‘Fireowr’ to be on November 15. It’ll be getting heavy radio airplay for the 5th then, won’t it?

    Oh, and you’ll be delighted to know Olly Murs has a new single called 9rather egotistically) ‘Thinking Of Me’. It features Professor Green. 🙂

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yeah, I heard about the Olly Murs track last week. Though it features Professor Green, so at least it might be good for a laugh. The 30 second demo I heard of it didn’t feature Green’s vocal ‘talents’ though.

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