Check out this Conan The Barbarian TV trailer

A news update from Conan The Barbarian – there’s a brand new TV trailer doing the rounds which actually might induce headaches! It flicks so quickly between scenes your eyes never properly get the chance to drink in what’s happening.

We all know that Jason Momoa has the look and build of a savage warrior, and I’m sure most of you have seen him in action on Game Of Thrones, so you know he can handle a sword. What strikes me from the trailer is that he seems a little ‘brighter’ than Arnold Schwarznegger’s take on the character. I seem to recall Schwarznegger’s Conan being a hunk of muscle who didn’t really have much to say. Kind of like his Terminator character.

The main problem I have with this trailer – as you’ll see – is that it doesn’t really establish anything. We get some strobe-speed glimpses of the world Conan inhabits, some fight footage, a gargantuan CGI octopus thing, and Conan growling “I don’t want your kingdom. I want your head.” Charming.

I’d love to hear what you lot think of the trailer – do you think it sells Conan The Barbarian particularly well? Were you a fan of the original Conan movies?

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