Check out Luke Jackson’s Goodbye London video

I love songs devoted to cities, and Luke Jackson’s Goodbye London is a brilliant tribute to the city in the title – lyrically it’s crammed full of the good and bad aspects of city life – getting mugged for your phone, dodgy Thai cuisine (apparently), but ends with an affectionate tone.

The videos’s brilliant – featuring a cartoon version of Luke strumming away all over London, from the lesser known backstreets to the tourist traps like Picadilly Circus. I loved the bit where one of the cartoon characters frisks down a Banksy mural!

For me, Goodbye London was an excellent introduction to Luke’s music. He’s recorded three albums now, and the current one’s called “..And Then Some”. If you want to sample more of Luke’s tunes, hit up his MySpace page. You want more information? Check out the extensive biography on his website.

As you’ll discover, it’s quite fitting that a song called Goodbye London should be written by…a Canadian. Update: Luke tells me that he’s originally a Londoner, but emigrated to Canada. Ooops!

…And Then Some

Jackson’s third album is receiving heaps of praise from the musical press. I’ve only heard the MySpace samples so far, but lyrically and musically, Jackson makes you want to sit up and listen. Here’s a bit more info about the album…

Luke Jackson’s third album “…And Then Some” was recorded at the all-analogue Aerosol Grey Machine studio in Southern Sweden with producer Christoffer Lundquist (Roxette, Cardigans, Concretes etc), drummer Jens Jansson (Per Gessle, Brainpool) and bassist Magnus Börjeson (Beagle, Favorita, Cardigans). The strings were arranged by Londoner Robert Kirby (Nick Drake, Elvis Costello, John Cale etc) and were performed by nine players from Malmö’s Opera Orchestra.

It is the collision of Swedish pop sensibilities and the distinctive eloquence of Robert Kirby’s arrangements which makes “…And Then Some” so compelling. Densely layered guitars and vocal harmonies fuse with sweeping string lines, none of which ever draw the ear too far from what lies at the heart of Luke’s music…gorgeous, expressive, unpretentious songs born of the trials and tribulations of a life lived to the fullest.

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