Check out Mad Planet’s Love Addicts video!

I’ve just discovered – and maybe fallen in love with – Mad Planet, a trip hop duo from Los Angeles made up of frontwoman/bassist Cooper Gillespie and drummer Greg Gordon.

I love any kind of music that helps me kick back and relax. I’ve tuned into stuff like Zero 7 in the past as a way to just switch off my brain. So, when I got a look at the group’s Love Addicts video, I had to share it here on the blog: great beats, thundering bass and a haunting vocal from Gillespie…not forgetting the all-pervasive scratching, which dates the music a little bit, but still adds to the track.

Mad Planet is a Los Angeles based duo made up of Greg Gordon – former drummer for the Fugazi-style punk outfit the Nervous Return and Cooper Gillespie former front woman and bass player for the X-influenced rock band Bang Sugar Bang. Both formed Mad Planet in order to stretch in new directions different from their normal musical styles.

‘Love Addicts’ was inspired by a friend who was also going through a divorce. According to Cooper, “he described dating as a terrible chore because he was ready to fall in love with any girl who sat in his passenger seat. It didnt matter who it was. He was so used to being with somebody, he was willing to be with anybody.”

You can listen to more Mad Planet on MySpace, and let me know what you think of them in the comments.

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