Check out the new Black Eyed Peas video – Just Can’t Get Enough

We interrupt all the other important things we should be doing this morning to bring you the BRAND NEW video from the Black Eyed Peas! The new single’s called Just Can’t Get Enough, and before you all groan, it’s not a reworking of another old 80’s hit. It’s a brand new track, featuring lead vocals from Fergie-Ferg!

We’ve been waiting a long time for a Fergie lead vocal!

Believe it or not, the video was shot in Tokyo just one week before the massive earthquake and tsumani that tore Japan apart. It lends the video an eerie significance, as it shows Tokyo bright and vibrant, in stark contrast to the media images that followed of buildings being levelled by flood waters. Even if you’re not a Peas fan, the video’s worth a watch just for that comparison.

Fergie talked a little about the shooting of the video and offered her sympathies to the survivors of the quake:

It was the easiest video I ever shot because it was us living our lives. I love that it’s showing a true perspective of how it can sometimes be lonely on the road away from our loved ones. It also demonstrates the love and connection we have with Japan. Our heart goes out to all of the Japanese people who have been affected by this natural disaster.

You’d have to be blind to not notice that the group have a love affair with Japanese culture – right down to the Minaj collaboration, Check It Out. We’ve got the video below, and Stateside readers can catch the Black Eyed Peas performing Just Can’t Get Enough live on [[American Idol (TV Series)|American Idol]]’s results show tonight.

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