Check out Vikki Stone’s spoof Joe McElderry single!

Comedienne Vikki Stone has released a YouTube video which mercilessly sends up this year’s [[The X Factor 2009|X Factor]] winner’s single. She’s completely rewritten the lyrics to suggest [[Joe McElderry]] will be having nightmares about somebody called Leon for the foreseeable future…and that his records might soon be found in bargain bins all over the country…

And she does a really good approximation of Joe’s singing voice too! The chorus was begging to be rewritten as It’s A Crime, wasn’t it?

On the back of the Rage Against The Machine campaign, it’s not surprising that the [[The X Factor (UK TV Series)|X Factor]] backlash is continuing in other ways. I’ve been a big supporter of the campaign – despite being an X Factor fan, I’ve felt let down by the quality of the series this year. All the game-playing by the judges led to some great contestants getting booted out of the competition in the early stages while the really lame ones stayed in.

Enjoy the video, and tell me if you’ve been supporting Joe or Rage Against The Machine to win the Christmas #1 race this year!

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