Cher Lloyd set to duet with Rihanna

It has been reported that Cher Lloyd is looking to meet Rihanna on her next trip to America. The X Factor star who is taking part in the show’s live tour later this month is said to be excited at the thought of working with Rihanna.
A source apparently told The Daily Star: “She’s obviously over the moon and is planning to meet up with Rihanna on her next visit to the states to talk about some potential material.

“Rihanna is a big fan of Cher. She told Will.I.Am how much she loved her after her X Factor appearance.

“Will has since talked to Rihanna about the three of them working on a track for Cher’s debut album. Rihanna loves Cher’s style and edginess and thinks she has great potential.”
It is said that producers such as The Runners and RedOne have been working with Cher on her Debut album which is due to be released on August 22nd 2011.


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