Cher Lloyd’s debut single Swagger Jagger leaks online

The perennial problem for any X Factor graduate is: how to release something that’ll catch on with “da kidz” and sell by the iTunes-shopping-cart load.

Cher Lloyd came to the X Factor party as a streetwise teenager with an urban/hip-hop edge that other contestants lacked. And despite a massive tabloid smear campaign against her, she managed to make it through to the final night. Although many people believe she had Uncle Simon to thank for bending the rules slightly to allow a four-finalist finale. 

You may remember Cher’s first audition showed her singing a version of Keri Hilson’s Get My Swag On. The word ‘swag’ seems to have attached itself to Miss Lloyd and she’s hijacked it for her debut single Swagger Jagger

I actually find it embarrassing to say those two words – they’re utterly meaningless. And the song itself awkwardly wedges in a sampling of Oh My Darling Clementine. Honestly. If it didn’t work for Gwen Stefani borrowing The Lonely Goatherd for Wind It Up, it’s not gonna work for Cher Lloyd. Equally awful are the shoehorned references to YouTubing, Tweeting and Blogging. Again, we cringed when Eoghan Quigg did it, and we’re cringing now. Trust me.

Positives? The vocals are as weak as ever, but Lloyd turns in a ballsy performance. There’s a unique rasp to her voice that makes her stand out. Barring the terrible, inexplicable sample, the rest of the song is contemporary enough, a frenzy of electronica in places that by the end leaves you utterly exhausted.

Anyway, the song leaked on YouTube briefly yesterday, but it’s since been taken down. There’s still a copy available on OMFG Music. Have a listen, then pop back and tell me what you think!

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