Cheryl Cole in danger?

Cheryl Cole and her band mates are currently embarking on their latest arena tour of the UK and Ireland for their latest album, Out of Control. I have been to their concert in Dublin at the weekend, and I have to say, it was fantastic! These girls can sing and dance and watching Cheryl perform like the superstar she has become, I knew Simon Cowell had made the right decision in making her a Judge on X Factor last year. 

However, could she be in danger because her star status has sky rocketed as high as the moon? I say this because when Girls Aloud were performing in Belfast as part of the Out of Control tour, the girls had arrived back at their hotel to find around thirty fans waiting for them to sign autographs and pose for pictures. As Cheryl was talking to one fan, another one (a girl) lunged at the star and started kissing her face but accidentally bit her lip. All you could hear her screaming was “I kissed Cheryl, I kissed Cheryl,” before security shoved her out of the way and brought Cheryl inside where she was in safety. As a result, the girls are more cautious now when greeting fans. 

Hopefully, this is just a one off and nobody else tries something as daft as this girl did. Nobody deserves to get treated like Cheryl did. She’s a national treasure and must be respected like anybody else. 

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  1. Lisa McGarry

    I bet Cheryl was horrified when this happened, I know I was when I read about it. Can you think of anything more scary or disgusting?

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