Cheryl Cole – Parachute – Single & Video Review

Sorry to say it, but the solo debut of ‘national treasure’ Cheryl Cole has been a distinct non-event. First off, there was Fight For This Love, which was one of those ‘hit back at the gossips’ songs that has recently backfired on her almost as hard as Rehab did for Amy Winehouse. Then there was that dreadful collaboration with a track that no-one outside of the studio needed to hear, let alone release as a single.

And let’s not get started on the wacky styling, which her ‘people’ probably described as edgy and modern, but which actually looks like Lady Gaga in the deepest throes of depression.

But there’s a glimmer of hope – Parachute, a song with some kind of decent chorus. And instead of trying to do anything too edgy, this borrows a tango rhythm with a touch of a hip hop beat. It’s a gentle, romantic song, only slightly marred by the declarations of “I don’t need a parachute, baby if I got you” and “I won’t fall out of love”.Hard to rely on someone catching you from a freefall when they’re probably distracted trying to text a photo of their privates to a glamour model. But hey, that’s a lesson everybody needs to learn once, right?

The video’s a touch too dark for my liking, but the dance routine between her and Derek Hough is beautiful (even if he did slightly milk his association with her). Perhaps my favourite song from Cheryl’s solo collection so far – shame it took this long to release something which actually sounded like music. If Girls Aloud are going to split up, she needs to think hard about her solo image, and perhaps find some fun songs to entertain us with.

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