Cheryl Cole – Promise This – Single & Video review

Well, Cheryl, all I can say is it’s about bloody time. Her first solo effort made my toes curl with her trying too hard to be edgy and ‘out there’ with singles like Fight For This Love and Parachute which seemed to cynically reference the events in her marriage that were playing out in the tabloids at the time.

Mercifully, with Promise This, Cheryl Cole returns to a slightly more conventional pop sound (and uses that French bit that Mark Ronson used in Bang Bang Bang).

The tune alternates between the jarring Alouette-inspired section and a sublime, synth-driven verse. The two different parts of the song are like chalk and cheese – but surprisingly they work really well together. The end result is dreamy and kind of arty in places, but agitated and manic in others. It’s a split-personality single.

The Promise This video is a weird proposition, very unsettling and artsy with shadows and silhouettes in large supply. Cole looks sexy in two thirds of the video – I’m not fond of the dress in the first few scenes, but the thigh-high stockings and that revealing red dress get a thumbs up. On the other hand, it’s pretty cool that her dress features trees in silhouette and later on she dances in a forest that’s just the same! It’s like she’s dancing inside her dress!

What do you guys think of Cheryl’s new single? Hit or miss?

Promise This is from Cheryl’s second solo album, Messy Little Raindrops, which I personally think is the filthiest album title ever. Or maybe that’s just my own dirty mind….

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    1. Gerard McGarry

      Looking forward to your review – this should be good! I think it’s a pretty good single, though. Much better than the tripe that was on her first album!

      1. Dara Hickey

        “the tripe that was on her first album” <– I agree with this. Aha!

        Unfortunately, the producers of ‘Promise This’ forgot it needed a chorus. So it’s pretty naff if you ask me. But fear not – a few weeks to go before my review appears. Oh, and I also don’t like ‘Broken Arrow’ by Pixie Lott, so that’ll be an interesting one – I’m working on it now.

        1. Gerard McGarry

          There was a massive wave of support for Cheryl when she released that album. She could’ve released a tuneless country & western album and people would’ve still bought it. But it took forever for Fight For This Love to grow on me, and even now I wouldn’t really seek it out as a good tune. The whole thing felt like style without substance for me, that’s why I find that Promise This – as messy and archaic as it is – at least feels like a more relaxed, believable style of music for Cheryl·

          And she should NEVER collaborate with again. Ever. That was just horrible.

          Looking forward to your reviews though. It seems Saturday is “music splurge” day on Shout!

          1. Dara Hickey

            Paha! Yeah… “splurge”, I Lol’d.

            And I agree, whilst ‘3 Words’ (the single with was much better than ‘Fight For This Love’, the lyrics were actually awful. I cringed everytime I heard that “I. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U/I’m so into you, girl” and “M.E. T.O.O./It’s obvious I’m so into you boy” line. Just awful, I could’ve written that if I was in Year 2 and the teacher said “write your own song”.

            And because of my super stressful timetable now, I tend to write a bucketload of reviews today and tomorrow, and hope it’s enough to last the week because my school days are 11 hours long!

  1. RandomEnigma

    I’m actually with Gerard on this one, OddOne. I find Promise This to be a strangely infectious tune. I love the demented use of Alouette even though Mark Ronson did it first and better. To me, it’s decent pop song. The video’s okay. Hated it at first but it’s grown on me.

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