Cheryl’s Cole hatrick

Cheryl Cole is in with a serious shot of winning the XFactor again this year……in my opinion.

the buzz on twitter, facebook and internet forum’s is that of fans’ resounding dissapointment and the realisation that the show is a farse.

oh please! has it really taken you all this long? the producers know who they can market loooong before the judges houses stage, and regardless of good performance’s there or not they dont just change their minds because someone has a sore throat or forgets a few lines..

Those were three excellent choices by the girls aloud star last night and i truly believe she could have easily sealed her winning hat-trick.

Rebecca is by far the best chance she’s got (not just because of the vocals but because she is very leona!!)….you just watch her confidence shine through around week 2 or 3. Mark my words she will be brimming with it and pulling out ‘world class’ performances in no time!  

The individuality of the other two is what makes them stand out from every other singing female wannabe in this world.

cher and katie have their own style, they KNOW who they are and who they want to be, that is what having the xfactor is all about.

yes its a singing competition but as simon keeps saying they are looking for star quality, someone current, someone workable and someone unique.  Cher could be massive in america (not necessarily as a soloist but in collaberation with RnB acts). i’d personally love to see cher do something with lady gaga actually!! but you can bet your bottom dollar if cher is in the final, there’l be a Will-i-am duet.

i think katie seems a little bit of a spoilt daddys girl and almost like she is used to getting what she wants in life no matter what, however, i do think she’s very talented, her voice is so defined you would instantly know it was her song on the radio. she will make it in the music industry i have no doubt.

i personally didnt like gamu anastasia or treyc very much, they are all great singers sure! , but i thought they were all too far up her own backside, and they all seem to think they were sailing through! kerry on the other hand, she was cute, she  is marketable and she has a great voice but unfortunately for her she was in a tough group.

definately the right three are through to the live finals and the scope for what cheryl can do with those girls is fantastic.

Keep a watch out for some massive ‘alexandra style’ stage productions!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I’m not entirely sure Cheryl has the winner. While I like Rebecca, in the auditions I’ve seen so far, she makes everything sound like Norah Jones, jazzy and easy listening, but not contemporary or commercial. Totally get what you’re saying about her having a Leona Lewis vibe though. It’s the shyness and the way she carries herself.

    Even though Katie Waissel is a complete actress, I think she’s a good singer. I wish she’d drop the gimmicks. And Cher Lloyd, who looks like an even skinnier version of Cheryl Cole herself.

    As for Gamu, I like her, but if I could bring back anyone it’d be Treyc Cohen. A brilliant singer, who’s been waiting in line for a couple of years for her X Factor break. The only concern I have with Treyc is that she’s a ringer for Alexandra Burke, and that may create a conflict on Syco’s artist roster.

    1. yum mum

      gerard, im interested to know if you still believe rebecca doesnt make her jazzy style sound comtempory or commercial? or has she changed your opinion yet on whether she will win or not.

      i still believe she will!!!, although i must admit the one direction boys are coming close up behind her.


      1. Gerard McGarry

        My gut feeling at this stage is that One Direction may just have this in the bag. That’s based on the comments we get on Unreality TV, Twitter responses and on the Facebook page. There’s a massive following behind them this year, perhaps even bigger than JLS. Hell, even I like them!

        As for Rebecca, I’ve come to love listening to her voice. And I think she’s one of the final three this year, definitely. I’m confused about her appeal though. I think Syco might have more commercial success with One Direction or Matt Cardle (the two other serious contenders) – One Direction for their teen appeal, and Matt Cardle for being able to emulate that modern Take That/Coldplay/Snow Patrol vibe.

        Can you see where I’m coming from? I do love Rebecca’s voice, I believe she could win it. But I also believe that she presents a dilemma, not least “What do Syco do with Leona if they sign a fresher, but very similar artist?” Rebecca’s not in Leona’s league vocally, but she could fill a very significant place in the market.

        In one line: I’ve come around to her, but I’m still not sure what Syco would do with her when they sign her.

        1. yum mum

          yep those are the three big guns arent they? rebecca matt and one direction, everyone else, to be fair, may aswell just go home

          one direction really do have the JLS phenomenon about them, but that doesnt necessarily mean they will win.

          lets not forget, the winner of the show has to go away for a while and come back with a dramatic entrance a year down the line. i personally dont think  one direction have the substinance to do that – they ARE like JLS, the fanbase is massive and the ferore of it all HAS to keep momentum to give them as huge a career as possible – in the same way JLS did by coming second, they had the opertunity to tour the country as support to another well established major act, appear in every magazine and every radio show, week after week promoting themselves, making a name and effectively building a carreer and establishing themselves as ‘credible’.

          one direction ARE manufactured remember, they are going to have to prove themselves in the big wild world of music and by doing 6 months in america with top producers before returning to the uk, just wont be good for them. they’r young and inexperienced but they are very marketable in the uk right now. and that is the one reason why i dont think one direction  will win. simon cant risk losing that momentum – because it is just that that makes him his money .

          matt – i love him, and your right he does have the takethat/snowpatrol vibe, he will do well ‘when’ he gets signed, but i dont think it will be syco that sign him, i think he’l be sent in the direction of diana vickers to RCA, because he’s got that similar indie pop, acoustic style they tend to go for…….

          rebecca on the other hand IS capable of holding that ‘what for it’ momant. it would definately be baited breath for her return and she would make a phenomanal comeback…….mirroring that of leona.

          you know what i’d like to see? leona appear on the final alongside rebecca……..beyonce won it for alexandra, leona would do the same for her!


  2. yum mum

    well if the unreality TV wildcard predictions are true it looks like treyc WILL be returning.

    i dont think treyc  has a chance of winning though…..she may do well she’s just not a ‘far goer’ for me. the way i see it, theres a reason cheryl didnt pick her in the first place and cheryl being the fiesty bird she is, i am sure she will stick to her guns and , although she will support treyc, i doubt she will put as much effort into treyc’s stage productions as she will the others.

    i do however believe treyc wil strengthen cheryls team even more, in comparison to the other wildcard finalists.


    1. leitchgizmo

      of course Cheryl wont give Trey c much time, she has to give it to katie, the money men say so…….i do rate katie but everyone knows she is only there because sony bmg say so and cher has no chance as broken rap doesnt get you thru all the different weeks styles……so that is two people the public wont vote for straight away, Rebecca this year is really good and trey c is good, she would make a very good all round pop star but i think she will suffer the same fate as rachel from last year and be too middle ground for the public

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