Chloe Victoria “Mafia” begs her way to X Factor’s Boot Camp

Describing herself as “the recipe for the star”, Leeds girl Chloe Victoria takes to the stage. She’s decked out in shredded jeans, bare midriff and the trashiest looking eyelashes I’ve ever clapped eyes on.

She provides fine amusement for the judges as she banters about being a party girl and tells Simon Cowell that she’s got no job – but if she gets a job as a popstar, she’ll be fine.

During her first song, Simon mutters to guest judge Nicole Scherzinger that she’d be a nightmare to work with. After botching the first attempt, she sings Shakira’s Underneath Your Clothes…terribly. Scherzinger tells her that she doesn’t think Chloe wants this enough. Simon agrees and the audience turn against her. They boo as she launches into yet another song.

Nicole has a hard time deliberating over whether to let her through. However, after some gobby pleading from Chloe, she gives in. And inexplicably, Simon sends her through to Boot Camp. It’s a strange day when Louis Walsh is the most sensible voice in the room. Chloe leaves the stage to continued booing from the audience and cries to Demrot O’Leary backstage that everybody hates her.

Chloe is the contestant who’s said to be a prostitute and was also on the TV show Snog Marry Avoid. There’s lots more about her and the tabloid rumours surrounding her on Unreality TV.

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