Christina Aguilera is still here

Nobody seems to remember who Christina Aguilera is. Is there really only space for one bleached haired songstress in the charts? People are forgetting songs (or anthems) like Beautiful or Hurt, her 4 Grammy awards and the fact she has sold nearly 40 million albums worldwide. So Christina goes off and has a baby and when she comes back she’s forgotten. Now I understand why Beyoncé and Shakira are not having babies!

Bionic. It is by far my least favourite album of hers. It’s overstuffed, robotic and doesn’t let her voice shine like it did before. My (obviously) fav song? You Lost Me.

 Christina is wresting her crown back from GaGa. So who decided there was only one crown? Personally, it is very unfair. Christina has been here for more than ten years (ten!), she’s still here, and I have no doubts she’s here for a long long time, so lets give her the credit she deserves. The credit she had.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Hi Daniel – welcome to Shout, by the way. I’ve read both your recent blog posts and hope to see more!

    On the subject of Christina, I think the same rule applies to her as to any singer. Look at how badly Mariah Carey blew off course after taking the world by storm. When was the last time Avril Lavigne did anything worth listening to? It’s the same rule, I feel, for Christina – we can’t keep lauding her for Genie In A Bottle or Beautiful when she’s releasing weak material right now.

    There are some other great debates here on Shout about Christina Aguilera’s career in light of the Bionic album. I should say that there’s every chance she’ll bound back with a follow-up album, but I feel this time round, she tried to burst on the scene with a controversial video and a forgettable wailer of a tune.

    A musician is only as good as their last record. Unfortunately, as you said “It’s overstuffed, robotic and doesn’t let her voice shine like it did before.”

    1. Daniel Valls Halling

      Hi Gerard!!

      Bionic is a horrible horrible album….. I just hope Burlesque has a good soundtrack!!!!

      “A musician is only as good as their last record.” That is SO truee!!

      And you’re right, that video of Not Myself tonight was awful, and too GAGA-like… that was (another) big mistake!!!!


  2. Dara Hickey

    You should read my review of her ‘Bi-On-Ic’ album because, for whatever the hardcore fans say, it was a pile of shit. Really, really dire. Form the content to the order of it’s tracks (five, four minute+ ballads, one after the other is maddening)

    As Gerard said, it’s not because she’s been muscled out by Lady GaGa (although it constitutes quite a chunk of reason), it’s because her comeback single ‘Not Myself Tonight’ was… in a word: desperate. Dubiously uncatchy and a real mis-step for her.

    Follow-up single ‘You Lost Me’ is released September 22, and it’s a dire song and her previous singles ‘Hurt’ and ‘Beautiful’ tower over it in quality; we even get a taste of Christina desperately trying to make something of the song when she tries to blast out some lyrics towards the end…

    Give it up Christina, drop the bomb and move on to the next album.

    It’s not just myself and Gerard that feel this way: ‘Bi-On-Ic’ has sold 190,122 copies WORLDWIDE since it’s release. Not even 200k in four months. I don’t think there’s been a worse flop recorded in history.

    But in other news, your posts here are very pleasant little reads and I also look forward to hearing more of what you’ve got to say :).

    P.S. Love your perspective on ‘Start Without You’, it’s postponed release date really was a dumb idea wasn’t it?

    1. Daniel Valls Halling


      Yes…. BIONIC is horrible… We had been aiting SO long for that…. I actually dont like any tracks on it.. Woohoo was fun, but I got tired of it…. I just think that people should give her a bit of an opportunity! Let’s see how Burlesque goes…. hope it’s a good film, and, even more, a good soundtrack!!

      I really enjoyed your review! It’s actually what I think…

      And about Alexandra…. I expected so much from her! They’re just giving her these awful pop songs when she can do loads more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Anyways! Thanks for the comment!! 😉

      1. Dara Hickey

        Agree with you 100%.

        And Alexandra has a quality in her voice I haven’t heard since X Factor, the best song she’s done that comes close to anything near the soulful voice we heard on X Factor, is ‘The Silence’, and that hasn’t been released, over-looked in favour of upbeat, generic pop songs like the lacklustre ‘Bad Boys’ or the annoyingly catchy ‘Start Without You’ (which still isn’t great).

        Obviously Simon Cowell’s idea of clever marketing is keeping her from doing any ballads to make sure she doesn’t get compared to Leona.

        Oh, bravo, Mr. Cowell… you’re a genius.

  3. vhien

    Hi Daniel!

    Yes! Xtina is still here.and I just wanted to say that BIONIC is a solid album and it sad because it is not selling. The album is better than the Back to Basics. I dont understand some critisize her for over singing and when she toned it down they said its terrible she shoul be using her voice.

    When I got the BIONIC album, when i first listen to it i said ” its a damn great album”. but it didnt get the blast in album charts. Is it the wrong choice of releasing Not Myself Tonight as a lead single?then followed by You lost me which is not performing well as well???

    how about song like Vanity,I am, Primadona?

    The album is made of songs with different genres of music. And she’s a good song writer. All the POP songs that you can hear now on radios are just ordinary, lyrically bad, vocally poor, something that you can expect from a pop star that being control by the management.

    BIONIC is good!

    As what Sia said ” Its a reflection of the industry, not the product itself”.

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