Chuck – Chuck Versus The Role Models (S03E15) – Episode review

I’ve been quietly catching up with Chuck over the last couple of weeks. It’s been ages since I tuned into the series, and it was a pleasant surprised to discover that the story had moved forward in two crucial aspects:

  1. Chuck and Sarah have abandoned that frustrating “will they, won’t they” element that made the CIA version of Ross and Rachel from Friends. They’re a couple now, and General Beckman knows about it.
  2. And it was about time Morgan Grimes got cut in on some of the spy action. An adorable geek, Grimes was too often left to languish in the Buy More while his best friend was off on glamorous spy adventures.

This episode – Chuck Versus The Role Models – focuses on both those aspects of the series. Although it’s entirely possible that General Beckman at this stage is purely motivated by a sadistic desire to annoy her operatives rather than anything else.

First up, she pairs Chuck and Sarah with a veteran spy couple, played by Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz. The contrast between the smitten younger couple and the hard-boiled, disillusioned spies could not be more marked. Sarah has just had a minor freak-out at the idea of moving in with Chuck, so being placed in close proximity to an older couple is not necessarily her idea of fun.

It wasn’t hard to predict the outcome of this match. With 30 years of spying under their belts, the Turners are cynical to the extreme: and so they double-cross Chuck and Sarah to steal the software they’re tasked with retrieving and selling it for themselves. We get some brilliant comedy moments as the Turners bicker, Chuck and Sarah contemplate their relationship, and of course, a stand-off with a Bengal tiger.

Back at the Buy More, Casey’s assignment from Beckman is to give Morgan field training, which he fails miserably at. Nice to see Casey once again saddled with another geek to train. It shows how far he’s come that he does the minimum of grumbling about his task, and seems to share more of a bond with Morgan than he did with Chuck at this stage of his training.

And it seems like Ellie and Awesome have wandered into some trouble in the Congo. Did anyone else feel the need to comfort Ellie as she struggled with culture shock and homesickness in the jungle? Things will get worse for the couple as they seem to be in the clutches of some bad guys without even realising it.

Quotes from this episode

  • Morgan‘s miffed that Chuck’s in a relationship: “Okay, okay, I get it. You’re having tons of sex. Congratulations Warren Beatty.”
  • Morgan gets a customers’ phone number, but she actually writes “You disgust me.”
  • Mrs Turner: “The man’s nothing but a CIA sanctioned gigolo.”
  • Ellie: “I can’t really talk to Devon about anything. He’s like born to be here. The villagers love him, they have this nickname for him that translates to Doctor Super fantastic white person.”
  • Morgan: “You’re firing me, aren’t you? This is even worse than when I got canned from Underpants, Etc.”
  • Turner: “The CIA has a way of breaking young idealists, especially if they’re in love.”

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