Chuck versus the Couch Lock (S04E05) – Episode review

After a few less-than-thrilling weeks, [[Chuck (TV Series)|Chuck]] finally feels like it’s hit its groove again.

Chuck versus the Couch Lock saw our heroes faking Casey’s funeral in order to trap a group of Volkov agents who’d worked with him during the Clinton administration. This being Chuck, the simple operation quickly turns into a disaster and a paralysed Casey ends up in the clutches of his former comrades. (Sorry, Commie term there.)

They want to use his cold, dead hand to activate a bunker which contains a fortune in gold. Fortunately, he manages to escape and hides out in a bunker, accidentally calling the Buy More to request extraction. In a brilliant scene, Jeff and Lester end up rescuing him while noting that it’s always the straight-laced ones who have debauched secret lives. 

Chuck and Sarah manage to get captured – and isn’t it great that this episode doesn’t feature any of their relationship hang-wringing and misread intentions? – and Casey and Morgan jet to Iran to save them.

Without recapping the whole darned episode, I have to say that the focus on Joshua Gomez and Adam Baldwin in this episode really worked for me. Since Casey’s default mode is “hostile”, and Morgan was dating his daughter, there was always bound to be an entertaining episode when ‘Dad’ found out. And Alex was brilliantly woven into the plot without seeming contrived – Morgan ‘dumps’ her in order to get her safely out of the way before a Volkov heavy comes round, and he uses Casey’s fury at him to counteract the paralysing drug Casey had taken.

I may have said this before, but Morgan almost represents Chuck as a beginner – all assumptions about spying and no real knowledge. That’s why putting him alongside Casey works, because Casey is a hardened spy and Morgan will exasperate him.

Of course, Casey is also beginning to soften. He’s inwardly fond of these geeks, and we see that when he talks to Alex to smooth things over for Morgan – but gives Morgan a standard daddy-threat about hurting his daughter.

Great episode, almost Chuck at its very best. Eric Roberts made a fine guest villain. He was, for once, a genuinely menacing adversary. I wouldn’t have minded seeing someone like that in a two-parter. Sometimes Chuck dispenses with the guest baddies a little too easily.

And finally – that phone call: Chuck gets a call from his mother just as the episode ends. Maybe that seems a little easy after the international hunt he went on a couple of weeks back, but is anyone else genuinely interested in seeing where this goes? Is Mommy Chuck a Russian agent?

Chuck quotes

  1. Casey: “We’re under strict orders from President Clinton to seal this place up. Now I may not like him or his mouthy wife, but those are the orders.”
  2. Chuck: “It’s like The A Team. Have you ever seen The A Team?” Casey: “I was The A Team.”
  3. Morgan: “Man, it’s like slapping a car.”
  4. Mackintosh: “We’d be on a beach, earning 20%. Unless we’d invested in real estate.”
  5. Chuck: “Holy Goldfinger!”
  6. Morgan: “You mean I died?” Casey snorts: “Yeah, for like, 3 seconds.”
  7. Jeff: “We wake up in some of the best dumpsters in the city.”
  8. Casey: “You break her heart, I break your everything.”

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  1. ange9871

    Is there anywhere online that this can be watched for free, I have watched the series from the start on virgin but now they have moved it to living and I dont get that channel?

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