Chuck Versus The Suitcase (S04E02) – Episode review

It hasn’t escaped many people’s attention that the hunt for Chuck’s mother took a back seat in the second episode of season four, Chuck Versus The Suitcase. Instead, Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovsky) are sent off on a mission to retrieve some smart bullets from a Russian spy.

That’s not to say that the series has totally forgotten about Sarah Connor/Linda Hamilton/Chuck’s Mom. The show cleverly switched emphasis to Awesome and newly pregnant Ellie and we saw Ellie digging out an old family photo album. I wonder if Ellie’s pondering whether she’ll fall foul of the same impulse to desert her family that her mother succumbed to?

What’s bothering me about Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) these days is that she’s forced Chuck to keep his spying a secret from her. And, by extension, Awesome (Ryan McPartlin). I can’t imagine she’ll be any happier about the potential danger of living next door to two spies when she has a baby. All of this leads me to wonder whether there’s been a fatal misstep with Ellie’s storyline, or if they’re edging that character out.

As for Chuck and Sarah – they’re sent off on a mission, but relationship tensions creep in when Chuck becomes suspicious about why Sarah still hasn’t properly unpacked her suitcase since they started living together. Their bickering spills over into their mission brilliantly, as Chuck blabs his feelings on the subject while Sarah defuses a bomb in his hand.

Of course, the appearance of a hot Russian supermodel with THE INCREDIBLE BLOODY HULK as her bodyguard worked surprisingly well on a number of levels – first involving the remarkable physiques of Yvonne Strahovsky and Karolina Kurkova and their fantastic catfights. And Chuck’s latest gadget – tranquillizer gloves – resulted in a rather girly slapping incident with the bodyguard, played by Lou Ferrigno.

Back at the new Secret Service Buy More, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) shows Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) that while the spy-staff are exception, they’re not behaving correctly, thus compromising the cover of the store. So, she sends him and Casey (Adam Baldwin) off on a mission to re-recruit all their old co-workers. And though I didn’t think I’d ever say it, it was good to see Jeff and Lester back.

All in all, not an exceptionally funny episode (I actually laughed more at this week’s House), but still an enjoyable spy romp. I loved Lester’s (Vik Sahay) attempt to use the Jedi mind trick on Morgan, especially because it almost worked! However, with the exception of Big Mike, we’re almost back to exactly where we were in the middle of last season. It seems the people behind Chuck are reluctant to leave the Buy More and the increasingly boring Ellie behind. And seriously, they need to come up with better storylines for Sarah Lancaster who is both beautiful and was once fun to watch as Ellie. She’s just too serious these days.

Did you notice?

The guy who got shot right at the start was a dead ringer for Joshua Gomez – are we to assume that there’s a spy out there who looks exactly like Morgan? Could be interesting…

Quick quotes

  • Casey: “There’s a woman in love. No-one loves a mission more than Walker.”
  • Jeff: “I think my water just broke.” (as Casey pumps him full of tranquillizer darts)
  • Awesome: “I’ve just been to the Buy More. Everyone there was super attractive and highly skilled. It was like I worked there. But why would I work at the Buy More?”
  • Jeff: “Rumour has it you’re pregnant…is there room in that womb for two?”

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