Colin Hanks and Mos Def attached to Dexter Season 6

The exciting news about [[Dexter (TV Series)|Dexter’s sixth season]] continues to drip through with news that actors Colin Hanks and Mos Def are signed up to appear.

Colin “son of Tom” Hanks is said to be involved in a multi-episode arc during the season. TV Guide speculate that Hanks could be playing Dexter’s nemesis on the show. They describe that character as “an ancient artefacts expert linked to a series of deaths in Miami”. This probably rules out any of the characters mentioned in the season 6 casting call.

Meanwhile, rapper/actor Mos Def will be playing “an ex-con who claims to have turned his life around, but is still surrounded by violence”. Which probably means he isn’t Chiacgo Mike. Darnit.

It’s said that both actors are signed to Dexter for a multi-episode arc, though Showtime have been understandably tight-lipped about the details so far. So, Dexter fans, what do you think about this casting news?


  1. TrueSatan

    Colin Hanks is a very different actor from his father and the comparison can often lead to an unfair assessment of him…he is far better at light comedy than his father but his father has a gravitas he, thus far, seems to lack.

    I hope that his Dexter role plays to his acting strengths but if there is too much need of gravitas it may be a miscasting…or he may have added that to his arsenal. It is rare indeed for Dexter to make a bad casting play so I’ll suspend any judgement until it is on screen.

    I was hoping that Mos Def’s role might go to Kirk Jones (Sticky Fingaz)…remember him from The Shield? Apparently scheduling conflicts got in the way of that casting but he was at or near the top of the list for it.

    Whatever the casting I’m a Dexter fan and eagerly await the next season…thus far it is one of the very few series to keep up its strengths throughout its run.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Gotta be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen Colin Hanks in any TV roles yet, so my frame of reference (for now) is that he’s Tom’s son. I love the likeness between them though, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in Dexter.

      Yep, big Dexter fan here too – have you read the books? When I read about the ancient artefacts expert role, I thought for a moment they might go down the occultist route of the third book – Dexter In The Dark – in which Dexter’s dark passenger turns out to be something like an ancient demonic possession.

      I thought the fifth season took a while to build its pace, but Lumen was a great character and one I’d like to see return one day. For me, seasons 1, 2 and 4 are my absolute favourites: James Doakes, James Doakes, Arthur Mitchell in that order.

      1. TrueSatan

        His most recent role was in “The Good Guys”…a very low budget cop/comedy series. It wasn’t excellent by any means of the imagination but given its low cost I was hoping it might merit a second season. Think of it as a summer time filler series and you’ll peg it pretty well. Hanks showed a good ability with light comedy and, in particular, as a straight man to a comic lead.

        I try not to read the books of a series until after it goes off air…otherwise I get too critical about the changes made to bring it to the small screen…actually I’m re-reading Mervyn Peake’s complete works at the moment.

        I’d have gone Doakes and a double dose of Mitchell but both were so good it isn’t har4d to see why the series has done so well. Fortunately it wasn’t so dreadful a run-in with leukaemia for Hall as for the lead of Spartacus Andy Whitfield.

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