Connected……Best Act on in Newcastle? What do we all think?

Connected the boy band in Newcastle wowed the judges on the Newcastle stage.  I loved them, but what do you all think???    Best on tonight!  

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  1. Lisa McGarry

    I LOVED the boys on Saturday night….they weren’t just cute but they could brilliantly sing a song too! Considering the amount of time they got on the show, I think they’ll get to the semi finals easily!

  2. Gerard McGarry

    Well, Simon clearly sees potential in them! I’m going to pretend they’re not connected to a forum member for a minute and be impartial. I didn’t quite agree with Simon that they were old-fashioned. After all, he’s still making a living peddling Westlife to the masses, so that’s a bit hypocritical.

    I thought the vocal harmonies were a bit full-on from the beginning, and perhaps the little guy (Harry?) should have been allowed to stand out a little bit more. Maybe the styling was a tiny bit try-hard, but what was right about it was that it showed potential. Styling can be fixed. They can clearly hold a tune, and they’re all good looking young guys. The raw material is there, and they can clearly be molded into a fine group.

    The commercial interest is there – the Justin Bieber phenomenon is at fever pitch. And with Cowell, they’d be in the right hands.

  3. Little Ginni

    Personally…  I liken them..  The ONLY thing that bothered me was the “all the same” movement”  That I thought dated.  However I would have probably done the same and thought on TV.. Hmm perhaps not..  It wasnt bad, just not JLS type movement…..   But the singing was great…   With a bit of push in certain directions they will be amazing.  I am sure they can / will do anything so fully behind them.    AND they deserve it..  These lads work so so hard.

  4. gkey3

    I saw Harry and Max either last year or the year before at festival4stars . Thought they were fantastic then But I think the other lads were as good, they’ll make a great band together, they’ve definately a future in my eyes.

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