Continuum season 2: Episode 3 title and synopsis “Second Chances”

Another great time travel show that’s recently come back to our screens is Canadian series Continuum. The show stars Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, an enforcer from the future who is blasted back in time along with a group of futuristic terrorists intent on taking down the evil corporations who control the world in that time.

Season 2 continues with episode 3 – “Second Chances”. And it looks like Liber8 are pressing hard with their terrorist agenda by recruiting street thugs. This ties in perfectly with what was said in the season premiere about the group infiltrating business, politics and the criminal underworld. Here’s the synopsis:

Liber8’s internal power struggle takes a mega-violent turn as Sonya and Travis recruit gangs as their weapons. Kiera investigates a new (to 2013) street drug that she recognizes from the future.

Are you watching Continuum? I’m a huge fan – it’s a smartly written, intelligent sci-fi series. Oh, and Kiera has an amazing cyber-suit which allows her to access streams of data as well as do dozens of cool things.

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