Corrie and Eastenders 2012!

2012 has been an entertaining year for TV with many dramas, reality TV shows and the soaps keeping us glued to our screens. Eastenders and Corrie, in particular, have been my favourite and have had me glued to my seat.


This year has had many exciting storylines and we have had several new characters. Heather was killed earlier this year by Ben which led to a long storyline of Shirley trying to cope with the death of her best friend and Andrew coping with the loss of his fiancé. It took ages but finally Ben was found out and off to prison he went leaving Jay homeless after Phil threw him out, although Abi has forgiven him and Patrick took him .We have had Lola coming into the spotlight as she gave birth to Lexi and then lost her after social services got worried for Lexi. She has shined for me this year and I’m interested to see how she will cope with her baby now living with Phil. Sharon made her big return and hasn’t done much so far apart from helping Ian and Phil. She also got with Jack which gave him a storyline for a little while!

We had Kat’s affair storyline which turned out to be Derek who met his demise on Christmas Day. Alfie is now with Roxy, after she confessed her love for him a few months ago. I’m sure him and Kat will end up back together though as they always do. We had Derek’s children enter the show, Joey and Alice , who have been a welcome addition. We also had the discovery of Ava, Tanya’s half-sister, which has been interesting and Cora has been brilliant. Ian suffered a shocking breakdown which was acted out quite well after Mandy refused to marry him. Lucy returned and managed to get all his businesses off him and has been running them all since. The new actress playing her has been interesting to watch. The Masoods had the introduction of AJ who has brought a bit of fun to the show and the departure of Christian and Syed who went off to America to visit Jane.

They did marry before they went and Syed left the masoods in a financial mess. Afia left Tamwar too.The Brannings are bigger than ever and we found out Max has a secret wife so another Branning joins the gang. She seems to be quite an interesting character and with Tanya on a break, I’m sure her and Max will get back together. Janine had a baby with Michael and it was interesting to see her love something for  a change. She left Michael to cope with Scarlett but she will soon be making her return to the show.


2012 has been a fairly busy year at Corrie. We had Frank’s demise played out on screen with his mum being the killer after he raped Carla. Carla and Peter started a relationship and he split and divorced Leanne who got back with Nick, nearly married him, but now is back to square one. We had Stella’s bloke Karl cheating on her with married Sunita who has lost her spark and now they are together as Jason is with Stella for now at least. We had Maria who was with Jason confess her feelings to Marcus who fancied her too after splitting with Sean and they got together. I wonder how long they will last. We had Lloyd make his return and his new family arrived. Jenna will soon be getting with Sophie so she will have more of a part. She has been quite a good character.

Michelle got back with Steve and Ryan returned who got with Tracy who lied she was carrying his baby and ended up causing Sophie to get hit by a car after he messed around with drugs. Kylie and David have been arguing over babies which led to her and Nick sleeping together at Christmas. My favourite storyline has been Tyrone’s relationship with Kirsty which has turned violent and now he has the baby to think of, he has to stay with her and get married before he can try and keep her. He has fallen for Fiz too so it will be interesting if they get together for good. I don’t know how this will end as Kirsty won’t let it happen but I don’t think they will kill her off.

Tina also has been busy after deciding to be a surrogate for Izzy and Gary to get her out of debt. Izzy lost a baby and after finding out it was too much for her body to cope with, her and Gary persuaded Owen to help them. Tina has lost Tommy through all of this, although he was the one to get them into debt in the first place. I like them as a couple and hope they get through it. I wonder if the surrogacy will be as straight forward as we think. Eileen also found romance with Paul although his wife Lesley was still alive and suffering with Alzheimer’s. She came to her tragic death after electrocuting herself with a toaster. Paul and Eileen have stayed together since but I’m not sure for how long.

I am looking forward to what 2013 brings for the soaps.


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