Cougar Town – Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It) – Episode review

Cougar Town couldn’t go long without bringing back the finger guns. Except this time they’re truth guns and if you’ve got one pointing at you, you have to tell the truth.

It’s madness like this that makes Cougar Town so much fun. Fooled Again enters unique territory for the show by teaming two unlikely characters up – Jules and Andy. Mostly we see Andy hanging out with the guys, so it’s interesting when Jules decides to spend time with Andy and he deftly manipulates her into going dancing for her birthday – despite Ellie’s warnings.

Elsewhere, Travis tries to help Bobby with his sinus problem, but ends up hospitalizing him. Who’d have thought neti pots could be so dangerous? This storyline juggles slapstick hilarity with that warmth and affection that these two characters have for each other – Bobby becoming intimidated by the neti pot – a symbol of how college is driving an imaginary wedge between dumb redneck father and bookish, intellectual son.

The remainder of the cast battle it out to give Jules the best birthday present, with Ellie being the reigning champion. Ellie proves her prowess as the “gift whisperer” by leaving a present for Grayson that taps into his father’s love of space, so Grayson and Laurie team up to beat her. Except Laurie was playing an elaborate double-cross and ends up winning by giving Jules a cheesy charm bracelet that everyone else had laughed off!

Cougar Town is maturing (horrible word for a sitcom, but suck it up) into a brilliant show. And I love the double-bill with Modern Family each week, because it makes a full hour of comedy with lovable, eccentric characters. The two shows are chalk and cheese stylistically, but I really do love Cougar Town’s attention-deficit storylines and they way it jumps from gag to gag without worrying too much about the finer details of the story.

Cougar Town quotes:

  • Jules uses the truth guns on Grayson: “Do you ever think about your ex-wife when you’re having sex with me?”
  • Bobby: “You know what else is a riveting treatise on the human condition? My butt.”
  • Bobby: “Bobby Cobb never quits.” Travis: “Not even at killing himself?”
  • Andy: “Your blood type is B positive. It’s also your life motto.”
  • Laurie: “Ellie will find a better gift. She’s the gift whisperer.”
  • Bobby: “You think I tell my friends you use Mom’s makeup to cover your forehead zits? Off my boat, cover girl.”
  • Not a quote as such, but Travis and Bobby’s Neti Pot scene to the tune of Hero was pure genius! 
  • Ellie: “Once you go Andy, all the rest are blandy.”

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