Cougar Town – Keeping Me Alive (S02E05) – Episode review

I don’t know about you, but I get the warm and fuzzies watching [[Cougar Town (TV Series)|Cougar Town]]. Sometimes I’m not sure of the show counts as a sitcom or a collection of loose banter between a close group of friends.

The characters on the show reference this phenomenon in Keeping Me Alive, when Laurie gets dumped by Smith and they rally to support her. There’s definitely something comforting and womb-like about the cul-de-sac crew.

Like it’s fellow Bill Lawrence creation Scrubs, Cougar Town throws acidic put-downs and random lunacy at the viewer thick and fast. The end result is a manic half-hour of strange happenings, by the end of which you’re feeling pretty good about yourself.

Tonight, Laurie (Busy Phillips) gets to move center stage, when she gets dumped by Smith – in front of his father, who doesn’t bother to hide his glee. Andy and Grayson watch her afterwards, expecting her to break down, but she seems to be handling the breakup just fine. Until they interfere and make her cry. 

Laurie is one of my favourite characters on the show. Partly because I have a crush on Busy Phillips, and partly because her character says the most inappropriate things. She definitely gets the best lines. And I love her verbal duelling with Ellie.

All eyes may well be on Jules and Bobby this week, as rumours of an on-set romance between Courtney Cox and Brian Van Holt have been all over the place. Luckily, the story focused on Bobby refusing to accept any more alimony from Jules after Ellie teased him about it. He ends up stopping his health insurance, right before – you guessed it – injuring himself during a drunken pool game. Oops. So it’s Jules’ mission to pay for his treatment without making it look like charity.

That’s the one bit of Cougar Town that bothers me slightly though – two divorcees who hang out together all the time. I’ve always assumed that Bobby’s too dumb to move on, but when he’s the one whose affair broke up the marriage, why is Jules paying alimony? I don’t get it.

That said, watching Bobby (Brian Van Holt) try to sell a house to another redneck was pure joy, especially when he messed it up at the end. And his attempts to drum up business the only way he knows how – through beer – were a complete disaster.

I do find myself lost for words a little in reviewing sitcoms, so I’m going to sum up by saying it was an enjoyable half an hour of fluff. I do find myself envying the close knit group of friends and wondering why I don’t have people in my life who constantly crack out the witty one-liners. But I guess that’s real life. Anyway, here are my three favourite Laurie-isms from Keeping Me Alive:

  1. Laurie: “I just can’t remember if I left my hairdryer here. Must be my pregnancy brain.”
  2. Laurie: “My family is super-fertile. My aunt got pregnant trying on bikinis. True story.”
  3. Laurie: “Sad is where your foster brother loses an eye in a backyard wrestling match.” 

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