Cougar Town – Let Yourself Go (S02E02) – Episode review

Welcome back boozehounds for the second episode of this year’s [[Cougar Town (TV Series)|Cougar Town]]. And today our red wine swilling suburbanites are mourning the loos of Travis, who’s off to college for the first time.

And as with anything to do with Travis, Jules has an enormous freak-out that her baby’s moving out. Meanwhile, Ellie’s at the other end of the parenting spectrum – she’s resisting the urge to tell ‘mom stories’ that’ll make her come across as unsexy and dull. And elsewhere, Laurie and Bobby are at the bar, addicted to watching cute animals on the Internet.

First up though – Andy incurs Ellie’s wrath when he tells a baby story against her wishes. And she punishes him in bizarre, but mean fashion: she refuses to make eye contact with him. It’s childish but effective. So, to get back in her good books, Andy tries to teach the baby how to walk. Cue much hilarity from the parents who allowed their neighbour to think their son had died. Especially when he sees ‘ghost baby’ floating around the child’s bedroom!

It’s no secret that I like Jules’ circle of friends more than I like Jules. For my money, it’s Courtney Cox typecasting herself by playing an older, slightly more neurotic version of Monica Geller. And I suppose by extension, you could argue that Christa Miller is playing virtually the same character as she did on Scrubs. Except I really liked that acid-tongued witch, and I think Miller is beyond sexy with her icy glares and scathing put-downs.

Still, I can tolerate Jules, especially her clingy maternal side as her son prepares to leave home. (Note to Bill Lawrence: I can sooo relate to this episode from Travis’ point of view. I came home from Uni with the flu once and discovered my mother was giving me high-strength painkillers to keep me asleep most of the time so I wouldn’t go back. Except that wasn’t funny. I had to hide the pills under the pillow, then I high-tailed it out of there pretty quickly.)

I can’t help but wonder what’ll happen with Travis (Dan Bird) now that he’s not living there anymore. A lot of the humour in Cougar Town revolves around the fact that he’s more mature than the adults he’s surrounded by.

Special mention this episode to Busy Phillipps for her portrayal of Laurie. She aced our quotes section this week with some brilliant moments, and that doesn’t even include the best visual gag of the series – her and Grayson’s ‘murder/suicide’ scene when Andy shared a baby story. And was that a subtle hint to Jules’ finger-guns?

Barb wire: Wanton cougar Barb makes her most tiresome appearance to date with a pathetic quip about having a meeting with the Dean and the Chancellor. It would’ve been better to rest her for a week and come back with something really filthy.

Quotes from Let Yourself Go

  1. Laurie: “Oh…I’m lost inside my brain again.” Ellie: “Oh, Jellybean.”
  2. Grayson: “I ate dead baby lasagne?” Jules: “And you loved it.”
  3. Laurie: “Honey, you are rockin’ major cleave today.” Jules: “Travis used to eat out of these.”
  4. Laurie: “Honey, why don’t you go to your crazy place?”
  5. Laurie: “Plastic wrap is, like, 93 and a half percent effective.”
  6. Ellie: “Since you won’t accept your punishment, you will now watch whilst I give eye contact to…another man.”
  7. Travis: “Tell you what. I’m gonna do my own thing tonight. And then you and I can hop back on the crazy train tomorrow morning.”
  8. Bobby: “We had one of those good solid man-moments where everything gets said, but nobody’s talking. I call it a nonversation.”
  9. Andy: “Babe, you are way too nasty and self-involved to ever be a pathetic mom type.”

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