Cougar Town returns! All Mixed Up (S02E01) Episode review

Finally we return for a second series of [[Cougar Town (TV Series)|Cougar Town]]. Feels good to have Jules and her wine-swilling cronies back, doesn’t it?

For fans of the show, there was an excellent reference to the (almost) name change this summer – the title card read (Still) Cougar Town. And of course, the talking point for this evening’s show: Jennifer Aniston’s cameo as Jules’ new shrink Glenn.

Jules has hooked up with Glenn to help her deal with Travis going to college. But being annoyingly compulsive, she begins to ask Glenn for help in almost every area of her life. Most of Glenn’s helpful anecdotes reference her son, Gabriel. Except Gabriel turns out to be a dog, and Glenn’s new age therapist schtick is a total bluff.

Aniston’s awfully brief appearance in the show was great, although it could have waited until later in the series. I was just so glad to see the gang back that I wanted to watch their idiotic antics. But still, it’ll have you wondering why the lovely Jen isn’t doing more TV work, since she’s clearly so good at it. Maybe it’s time she had a sitcom vehicle of her own?

Elsewhere, Grayson’s taking a day off from Ellie. He spends the day in the park with Bobby and Andy, staking out the person who’s been defacing Jules’ real estate posters. And Laurie has bet Travis that she can stay awake longer than he can – but cheats! And let’s not forget the wonderful drinking game “Movie Mashup” which involves merging two movie titles then describing the resulting movie. For instance: Daniel Day-Lewis plays a wheelchair bound artist who wants to have a high school dance even though the town preacher forbids it = My Left Footloose.

Absolutely brilliant to see this show back on screen. The humour is totally ADHD stuff and it feels like a bunch of running gags held loosely together by a plot, but the characters are warm and funny. And with the exception of Grayson, they never seem to work anymore! They’re just wine-guzzling suburban slackers! Hooray!

Quotes from this episode:

  1. Laurie: I don’t miss people, I dismiss them. When my first dad left, I was like “See ya…” Second dad, “Peace…” Third dad, “Whatever dawg, don’t let the door hit your wheelchair on the way out.”
  2. Travis: “Emilio Estevez movie marathon. The Estevez Festivez…I’m thinking of reinventing myself in college…”
  3. Jules: “I’m getting so far ahead of myself that I’ve actually named the Asian baby we’re going to adopt.”
  4. Barb: “I just spent the last hour getting my body twisted into all sorts of positions by a sweaty Indian man.” Jules: “I’m glad you enjoyed yoga class.” Barb: “What yoga class?”
  5. Glenn: “Why the judgement? The suspicion? Are you Ellie?”
  6. Glenn: “Last time you said that you felt guilty because you hung up on your dad. Last Christmas I set my car on fire so my dad would think I was dead.”

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