Cougar Town, Season 2, Episode 8 review – When The Time Comes

Gasp! A rare episode of Cougar Town that didn’t have that glimmer of comedy magic throughout it.

That may have been due to the focus on Jules and Grayson and that uncomfortable “I love you” moment. Neither are my favourite characters on this show. I prefer Grayson when he’s hanging out with the guys or at the bar, and I just can’t warm to Jules at all. I’ve given up trying.

Elsewhere, Bobby gets offended when the group tell him they can’t understand his redneck mumblings. I felt they’d already played this joke a few episodes back, so it wasn’t that effective this time round. And I don’t like it when they pick on Bobby – he’s been a bit vulnerable this season!

I did enjoy the Jules/Ellie/Andy triangle. They’re probably my three favourite characters anyway. Busy Phillips in an array of red carpet dresses was very pleasing to the eye, thank you very much wardrobe department. And Andy’s “everything comes back to me” brand of optimism was brilliant, but yet again it felt like a repeat of that episode where he and Jules hung out.

There was nothing bad here per se. The usual amount of laughs was delivered, but where the rest of the season’s been wonderful to watch, I felt I was being served reheated storylines. And the Zach Braff in-joke might have been one reference to Scrubs too many. I get it, I’m a fan of Scrubs myself, but with two former cast members in the show, guest appearances from Bob Kelso and sharing the same creator, it might be overkill.

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