Could this be the anthem of our generation?

Lady GaGa might still be promoting her second album The Fame Monster, having recently released the Spanish tinged single Alejandro but it’s no secret that the bonkers popstar is working on her highly anticipated third album. Around a month ago, GaGa bragged that she had written ‘the anthem of our generation’. You can never accuse GaGa of having low self esteem.

Anyhow, it looks like this self proclaimed ‘anthem of our generation’ has surfaced online in the form of the song Then You’d Love Me. Clearly the track is still in demo form but interestingly enough, the song has a definite euphoric and anthemnic sense to it. Its a bit lacking in the bombastic hooks department, a trademark of GaGa’s, but I can definitely see this being huge once it’s produced to its full extent. It’s also great to see a little vulnerability in the Lady’s work. Doesn’t she seem awfully forlorn on this track which is only a good thing as I’m getting tired of her icy roboticness. What do you guys think? Do you hope it makes GaGa’s third album, set for release in 2011? It’s early days yet but I’m hoping it makes the cut!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Funny, as I was listening to this, I thought Gaga should try and ditch the electro vibe for once and play it straight. Singer/songwriter style, with a piano, like Tamar Kaprelian. Listen to the song on that page and tell me Gaga couldn’t play it straight for once?

    Okay, the lyric is a bit simplistic, but if she’s trying to convey emotion for once, I think she needs to strip it back.

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