Is Courtney Cox involved with her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt?

You’ll have heard the news that broke over the last day or so that Courtney Cox and her actor husband David Arquette are splitting up. The couple met back in 1998 on the set of Scream and married three years later. We fondly remember that the Friends crew commemorated the marriage by adding the name “Arquette” to everybody on the title sequence of one of their episodes.

Anyway, fast forwarding to 2010, and we’ve learned that the couple actually split back in the summer. That’s not the interesting thing.

The interesting thing is that David Arquette chose to break his silence on the news yesterday by (ill advisedly) phoning in to the Howard Stern show and giving his side of the story. Aside from giving way too much information about the couple’s sex life and other factors leading to the split, he claimed that Courtney is ’emotionally involved’ with her Cougar Town co-star. According to the Daily Mail:

Arquette told Stern that he knew Cox and Van Holt were involved in an ’emotional affair’ but was not aware if it had become physical. He added that ‘part of the terms of our separation was that I was allowed to see other people and so was she.’

The claim doesn’t seem to be that there’s been an infidelity per se, but that both parties had agreed to move on and see other people following the collapse of their marriage. It just so happens that Courtney has become close to her co-worker.

This is probably more interesting news to us as Cougar Town fans, since Cox and Van Holt play a divorced couple on surprisingly good terms. I had been looking forward to writing about how Courtney would be a cougar in real life, but it looks like Van Holt stole that punchline from me. *shakes fist*

On-set romances rock, don’t they? It’s certainly made Cougar Town look a whole lot more interesting! I wonder if the show will acknowledge their relationship by pushing Jules and Bobby closer together again?

Update: In a delicious bit of bad timing, Cox’s former screen brother, Dr Ross Geller David Schwimmer has gone and gotten married. Except he got married in the summer around the time Cox and Arquette split up. It’s only just been revealed now. Spectacular bad timing, Schwimmer.

Hopefully he’ll get his new bride pregnant and then we can make jokes about his little Schwimmers!

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