Courtney Penry auditions for American Idol in Austin

There’s a chance, a teeny tiny chance, that Courtney Penry is a plant. She came into the auditions like a whirlwind, claiming that she was Ryan Seacrest’s future wife and revealing a serious obsession with the American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]] host.

She goes on to do a chicken impersonation in front of the judges and also blows a kiss at Steven Tyler.

There’s no denying Courtney’s a force of nature. But can she sing? Well, as it turns out, she’s pretty good.

She chooses to sing Stay by Sugarland and her vocal performance is passionate. Perhaps a little on the melodramatic side, but enjoyable to listen to. And like Casey Abrams, she’s got personality. She’s fun to watch. She’s irreverent.

While Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler seem to enjoy Courtney’s singing, Randy Jackson comes straight out and says no. He’s been getting increasingly irritable throughout the episode though. Lopez has some more constructive advice for Courtney:

There’s parts of your voice that are really strong and then there’s parts that have some weaknesses in it. As a total package, I love you. But I think there’s a little work to be done on those weaknesses.

Steven Tyler sees her as a rough diamond though, and tells her “I think you’ve got star quality. We’ve got to kindle this up some, but I liked it.” And on that basis, Courtney goes through to Hollywood. 

Courtney Penry

  • Age: 17
  • From: Missouri City, Texas
  • Occupation: Student
  • SingsStay by Sugarland

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