Cover art for Robyn’s Body Talk Pt 1 revealed!

After being quiet for what feels too long, Swedish pop sensation Robyn is due to burst back on the scene with her new album, Body Talk Pt 1. She’s just revealed the artwork for the album, which is due to be followed by the video for her forthcoming single Dancing On My Own.

The interesting thing about Body Talk is that it’s going to be an album in three parts to be released during 2010. This first installment is due to be released on 15th June.

In addition to Dancing On My Own, we’ve been told to look out for tracks like Fembot, None of ‘Dem, and Dancehall Queen. Stylistically, the album is said to run the gamut from techno to dancehall to acoustic ballads and nostalgic Swedish folk songs. Sounds eclectic, but will it be any good?

As with everything, I wonder how Robyn’s new material will fare in a post-Gaga world. Something tells me she’ll be fine. Robyn was always out there – in a good way – before Gaga and her teacup every arrived on the scene.


  1. RandomEnigma

    *over the top offended expression* Excuse me, I do believe I reported on this item a few weeks ago. She’s just released the artwork indeed? Haha, don’t worry you’re forgiven. Your blog entry has more insight than mine. Hmmm, I’ve heard some not so great things about the album but its unlikely to disappoint me anyway because its always baffled me why Robyn got so much critical acclaim.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      That is priceless! I got an email from their marketing team yesterday and decided to post it. And I knew that artwork looked familiar, I just thought it reminded me of Alphabeat or something.

      I am suitably chastened!

      As for Robyn. It’s funny, because on paper I don’t like her at all, but somehow her songs seem to get ingrained in my head. Might be all that airplay though! The phases I usually go through with Robyn are:

      1. “Ugh, not her again”
      2. Humming With Every Heartbeat absent-mindedly
      3. Recognising the track and loving it when it comes on TV or radio

      But funnily enough, I go through the same process every time she releases something. It’s like I don’t remember liking her last song.


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