Cover Drive are the new hotness – check out their Lick Ya Down video!

You’re going to be hearing a lot more from Barbados-based band Cover Drive in the near future. The four-piece – who recently played support for fellow Bajan Rihanna – are about to release their debut single Lick Ya Down on August 28th.

While Lick Ya Down is given the full-on modern pop treatment, the band have a tripple threat thing going on: they play their own instruments, they’ve got some great tunes and – most importantly – a drop-dead sexy female lead singer in the form of Amanda Reifer.

Amanda’s joined by three guys who we’re sure female fans of the band won’t object to: Barry “Bar-man” Hill, Jamar “Toast” Harding and T-Ray “Farmer” Armstrong. Just don’t ask us what those nicknames mean!

We’ve been listening to the group on and off for the last fortnight – they’ve got stacks of great cover versions on their Youtube channel. From Rihanna to UK rapper Example, Cover Drive show they’re excellent musicians and they have a camaraderie that’s lacking from most manufactured bands!

Lick Ya Down sounds like a raunchy single to start with, especially with Amanda’s vocal delivery. However, the band explain that the phrase “Lick Ya Down” is actually a Bajan term that means “knock you down”. Not what you dirty minded beasts were hoping for. Once you listen to the lyrics, you’ll get the idea. Still, it sounds sexy, it’s got a great hook and it’s all set up for summer success!

As an extra treat for you guys, here’s the band’s acoustic version of the single as well:

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