Cowell’s ex Sinitta, Says he ”probably wont get married”.

The American Idol judge proposed to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy on Valentines Day of this year, but he is yet to confirm an actual wedding date.

his ex lover and so-called friend, Sinitta clearly doesn’t think a wedding will ever take place.

She told the Daily Mirror, “I really don’t know if he will go through with it. If he is really true to himself, he probably won’t.”

Sinitta who first heard of Cowell’s marriage plans via the announcement made in the media says, it will be a miracle if he does.

a few of the old cliche’s come to mind here;

i smell sour grapes.

who needs enemies……………………?

jealousy is such a waste of an emotion


the lady doth protest too much.




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  1. Rosie-Lee

    It could well be sour grapes, but she is going to look a right mug if he does go through with it.  I think that, no matter how she felt, she could have kept quiet about her feelings, it really is a mean thing to do.  However, one thing does keep niggling away at my thoughts:  what does she know that we don’t know……?

  2. Gerard McGarry

    I’m gonna be tight-lipped about Sinitta because I’ve decided to force myself to like her.

    However, I have to question the wisdom of claiming to be someone’s friend, but constantly name-dropping him in the media. And how’s this statement going to wash with the future Mrs Cowell? I mean, it must be hard enough for her dealing with all of Simon’s exes hanging around without them publicly claiming that he’ll never go through with it.

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