Crystal Bowersox already at work on her debut album

Crystal Bowersox

According to Billboard, [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] runner-up [[Crystal Bowersox]] is already hard at work on her debut album. In an interview with the website, songwriter/producer Wayne Wilkins has praised Bowersox’s work ethic and says that the new songs they’re working on will be both folksy and commercial.

I’m just glad to hear they’re working on original material for her. Original material is one sign that the people behind the record are taking a serious approach to her music, rather than releasing an album loaded with covers in order to make a fast buck before her career tanks.

Wilkins says she arrived at the studio with guitar and a bunch of lyrics in hand, ready to work. “I’ve only worked with a couple of ‘Amerian Idol’ contestants before, and in terms of songwriting, she’s the most developed on that front. She literally could sit in a room with anybody, grab a guitar and start writing.”

Along with fellow songwriter Priscilla Hamilton, Wilkins and Bowersox came up with “two pretty great ideas” for songs. “We did one song that I wouldn’t say was totally pop, but it had slightly more of a commercial edge to it,” says Wilkins, who adds that the “Idol” finalist already has “an album’s worth” of material that boasts a more “folky” vibe in the Melissa Etheridge vein. “The other song was a bit darker and had a breakbeat on it. They were contrasting but still fit with her genre.”

Now, you all know that I’m a big fan of Crystal’s, so any news of a debut album by her is welcome to me. I will be buying her album when it hits the digital shelves, because something about Crystal really speaks to be. I think she’s one of those rare people who lives and breathes music, and if you liked her on American Idol, she really does deserve your support.

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  1. Emz

    This is great news – I, like you, am a big fan of Crystal’s and it’s so great to hear that she’s already working on her debut album and that the tracks on it will be all originals, all her own. To be honest, though, I’m not sure she would have put up with having to do an album all of covers – I think she would have fought to have at least a few of her own on there.

  2. canadiangal

    I hear the album is being released Dec 14th and I’ve put it on my Xmas list.  2 of the tracks are floating around on YouTube (Farmer’s Daughter & Holy Toledo).  I am a huge fan of this girl!! All the snide comments about American Idol & similar shows not producing true artists don’t stand up when you look at Crystal.  Melissa Etheridge herself has pronounced Crystal Bowersox as being “the real deal”.  

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