Dancing on Ice- Did the right person go?

Last night’s Dancing on Ice was one to watch and with Comedy Dave skating out of the competition, I look at whether this was the right decision?

 When the Sunday papers appeared, everyone saw the stories about Sam and Brianne’s ‘fake romance’. After being in Heat magazine last week, declaring their love for each other, it was a shock to see Sam cuddled up and appearing to be kissing married professional skater, Alexandra Schauman. Phillip Scofield even mentioned the incident on last nights show saying Sam’s ice routine was, “Nearly as complicated as your love life”. However the public gave popular Sam a chance and he sailed through to the next round.

 The show was also interesting to see the aftermath of the argument between Jason and Karen. After a massive argument last week, I couldn’t wait to see the drama unfold this week. However although we did see some dirty looks towards Jason, no arguments occured last night.

 Looking at the skating, this week they were skating to musicals which I thought was a good choice. I think the best last night were Jeff, Sam and Laura. Considering Jeff was in the bottom two the week before last, he got a successful 22 this week with a fantastic performance from The Phantom of the Opera. I think he now has a good chance of winning. Sam’s performance was great again and he seems to be getting better and better. However, Laura got the same score with 25.5 and she was fantastic last night. I really enjoyed her performance from Hairspray and she seems like a lovely girl. I hope that she wins. I also enjoyed Denise’s performance from Chicago and thought that she is definitely improving although the judges disagreed. Chloe’s perfomance from Les Miserables was good although I do struggle to like her.

Vanilla Ice, after being in the bottom two last week, seemed to be back to glory this week with a great performance and he skated through to the next round. Johnson is such a sweet guy and its wonderful how good he is doing.

Now to our bottom two last night. Comedy Dave gave a funny performance and his personality shone through. Kerry Katona also was in the bottom this week and her skills don’t seem to be improving that much. I think she is staying purely for entertainment value. When the judges made their choice between the two, Emma and Jason chose to send Comedy Dave home which was disappointing. I think that this was the wrong decision but I do think that Dave would have gone home next week.

 Next week is the ultimate skills test and with Dancing on Ice getting nearly as much controversy as The X factor this series, I can’t wait to see the next show!

 To see last nights show, visit http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/search/default.html?Filter=dancing%20on%20ice

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I didn’t think Sam Attwater needed a fake romance to raise his profile. He was easily the best skater on the show and he deserved to lose public trust after conning people like that.

    As for the right person leaving – I totally wanted Katona to go. Another con-woman who cashes in on the public’s thirst for salacious gossip. But considering she’s been in the bottom two this week, I can only hope she gets booted next Sunday.

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