Dancing On Ice Liveblog: Songs from the musicals

Welcome to tonight’s Dancing On Ice liveblog, dear readers. Yes, it’s the first episode post Jason-Gardiner-Insults-Karen-Barber-gate, and we’re entering this episode in a state of shock because it seems Sam Attwater’s relationship with Brianne Delcourt was a complete sham! From being the best skater on the show, Attwater loses a lot of respect for getting involved in a shameless publicity stunt. But will the public feel the same way? Tonight, we’ll see.

Tonight, the theme of the show is showtunes, which is awesome, and the featured skating skill will be jumps. From the looks of things, it’s going to be pretty darned dangerous. 

We’ll be covering each performance and updating during the commercial breaks, with our take on each one and what the judges said. Let’s get started…

Jeff Brazier and Isabelle

First to perform tonight is Jeff Brazier, skating to All I Ask Of You from Phamtom Of The Opera. Massive improvement from Jeff tonight as he glides fluidly across the ice with Isabelle. His confidence and skating ability are much better, although his jumps were a little timid for my taste. However, it’s like watching a different skater considering two weeks ago he was tripping on the ice.

Judges’ comments: Robin: “You have such control in your blades, young man…fantastic start.” Jason Gardiner: “You are definitely improving…but this is a very romantic piece and I didn’t feel that there was enough romance being depicted.” Emma Bunton: “You have come on leaps and bounds. You’re skating with such power. (But…) I need you to feel it here, so I can see it here.”

Scores: Jason 6.5, Robin: 8.0, Emma: 7.5 Total: 22.0

Denise Welch and Matt

Following Jeff is Denise Welch and her partner Matt, skating to Roxy from Chicago. It’s just not All That Jazz, is it? The talking point is Matt’s see-through top. The routine itself is painfully slow, I’m afraid. Denise does the required element – the jumps – pretty well, but the whole performance was so laboured it wasn’t entertaining.

Judges’ comments: Jason Gardiner compliments Denise on her “delightful derriere”, but points out that it “lacked the sentiment of the song…it didn’t seduce and it didn’t slink”. Robin Cousins calls it a good attempt, but said that speed was missing from the routine for him. Emma Bunton praised her jumps, but said she missed the cheekiness of her other performances.

Scores: Jason: 4.0, Robin: 4.5, Emma: 4.5 Total: 13.0

Sam Attwater and Brianne

Aha! Here’s fake couple Sam Attwater and Brianne Delcourt, skating to Flash, Bang, Wallop from Half A Sixpence.Quite a comedic routine this one. A smart move from Sam, this was less technically involved than last week’s, but the acting made up for it. He’ll be wanting to play it down this week and really impress next week – it’s Ultimate Skills Week! Loved that Phillip Schofield made a barbed remark about his ‘complicated’ love life.

Judges’ comments: Emma Bunton said she wanted to give him a 9.0, but said they weren’t quite in synch with each other. Jason Gardiner calls it “full of character, full of energy, you have great charisma, it’s very infectious”. Robin Cousins also picks up on syncronicity issues (as did Jason), but says they’re only nitpicking because he’s so good.

Scores: Jason: 8.5, Robin: 8.5, Emma: 8.5 Total: 25.5

Kerry Katona and Daniel

Kerry and Daniel are dancing to There’s No Business Like Showbusiness. It must be said that her new haircut is hideous, and her horrible gurning during this routine is tremendously offputting. Last week, Jason Gardiner said that she relied too heavily on Daniel, but she still seems to be one of the weakest skaters on the show. And I don’t like her.

Judges’ comments: Jason Gardiner repeats his criticism that Kerry isn’t doing enough to prove that she can skate on her own. He says he’s worried about the Ultimate Skills week when Kerry can’t do a simple step routine. Emma Bunton says the fun routines suit her better than elegant ones, which I enjoyed. But she says Kerry’s getting away with much more than the other skaters. Robin tells her she’s gone back to basics, but now she needs to catch up with the other skaters.

Scores: Jason: 4.0, Robin: 4.0, Emma: 4.0 Total: 12.0

Chloe Madeley and Michael

Chloe and Michael are skating to On My Own tonight, and Chloe’s instructions are to convey emotion in this routine. And to be fair, both she and her skating partner gave a charged performance. I love the fact that we all had her pegged as a brat famous daughter, but she’s actually quite a skilled skater. Loved the costumes, by the way.

Judges’ comments: Robin Cousins called it a “great performance” and explained that Michael was skating without giving excessive support to Chloe. She was always where she needed to be, and that showed that they were a great partnership. Jason Gardiner felt that Chloe struggled to maintain the emotion and longing throughout the routine. He also mentions there wasn’t enough light and shade in the choreography. Emma Bunton says the performance lacked the spark that would have made it world class.

Scores: Jason: 6.5, Robin: 8.0, Emma: 7.5 Total: 22.0

Johnson Beharry and Jodeyne

War hero Johnson and his partner Jodeyne are dancing to Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life from Spamalot. Oh dear. He’s no actor, is he? His facial expressions are painful to watch, I’m afraid. The routine is slow and laboured and the lifts – I’m always afraid he’s going to drop his partner. Not good enough to continue, really.

Judges’ comments: Jason Gardiner said that the beginning of the routine showed performance, but lost that as it went on. Robin Cousins said that Johnson has more to give but wants to see him enjoying the performances more. Emma Bunton said she loved that he’s pushing himself each week.

Scores: Jason: 4.5, Robin: 5.0, Emma: 5.5 Total: 15.0

Vanilla Ice and Katie

This next routine promises a death-defying jump from Vanilla Ice – it looks really daring and if he masters it, it’ll give him a good score. They’re dancing to Hand Jive from Grease. It’s another nervous routine from Vanilla Ice, who seems to still be quite unsure of himself after a fall a couple of weeks back. However, they bring everything into that final jump, which is amazing. Every bit as good as promised.

Judges’ comments: Robin Cousins says Ice came across as a figure skater in character. He praises Katie for being game enough to be part of the jump. Emma Bunton has a slight criticism, saying the performance was less free-spirited than usual. Jason Gardiner called it a “disjointed performance” and noted that Ice was quite tentative. But he also says there were times when it was tentative. I totally agree.

Scores: Jason: 6.5, Robin: 8.0, Emma: 6.5 Total: 21.0

Dave Vitty and Frankie

Comedy Dave and Frankie are dancing to the hippy classic Acquarius from Hair. You can’t help but laugh at the tye-die costumes and the wig Dave’s wearing. I don’t think Dave will mind us saying that his skating is attrocious. But he’s part of the biggest radio show in the country, so there’s big support for Dave.

Judges’ comments: Emma Bunton comments that there’s no performance in Dave’s face and feels like he’s going through the motions. Jason complains that they didn’t interpret the song very well and he’s cutting himself off from the audience. Robin concentrates on the positives in his jumps and praises Dave’s hard work.

Scores: Jason: 4.0, Robin: 4.5, Emma: 4.0 Total: 12.5

Laura Hamilton and Colin

Laura Hamilton is planning to raise the stakes tonight by doing an almost-impossible backflip. She and Colin are dancing to You Can’t Stop The Beat from Hairspray. Great song choice, and some good fast skating from the couple. They manage to successfully do that backflip and we get to see massive grins on the judging panel as they skate past. Breathtaking routine. And a fantastic close to tonight’s show.

Judges’ comments: Jason Gardiner called her “so Disney” and says it plays to her strengths as a children’s TV presenter. Robin Cousins praises the exuberance with which she attacks her performances. Emma Bunton calls Laura her favourite of the night, saying “it was pure theatre, darling”!

Scores: Jason: 8.5, Robin: 8.5, Emma: 8.5 Total: 25.5

That’s it for tonight’s liveblog – we’ll be back later with the Dancing On Ice results post. Denise Welch, Dave Vitty and Kerry Katona are at the bottom of the leaderboard. And I’m hoping that this week is Katona’s last. 

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