Dancing On Ice, the preliminaries week 2 – Chloe Madeley and Sam Attwater early front-runners?

Welcome back for a recap of the second round of Dancing On Ice preliminaries – eight performers skated tonight, but only six can go through to compete in the show next week. Two are going home this evening!

There were a number of solid but uninspiring performances tonight – which meant that celeb brat Chloe Madeley and soap actor Sam Attwater’s performances both shone through. As did cricketer Dominic Cork.  However, their polished performances are no guarantee that they’ll get the public votes – certainly after Laura Hamilton appeared in the bottom two last week, nobody is safe. Except Comedy Dave – being part of the biggest breakfast radio show might play a part in keeping him in the competition.

Let’s get started with the recap – here’s a blast from the past to open the show…

Craig McLachlan

Craig and Maria start their routine to The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy For The Devil. It’s an odd song choice, and it doesn’t lend itself to an exciting performance. As it is, the most interesting thing is Maria’s devil costume (for obvious reasons), because the skating isn’t especially wonderful. We discover later that Craig’s ‘schedule’ has meant he hasn’t had much time to rehearse – which is a shame, because he’s got a lot of charisma, but the skating skills aren’t quite there yet.

Robin Cousins tells him that the bravado is there, but that his lack of rehearsal shows in the performance. Emma Bunton wants him to be more of a showman. And Jason Gardiner accused him of moving gingerly “like he’d soiled himself”.

Scores: Jason:3, Robin: 3, Emma: 3. Total: 9

Jennifer Metcalfe

The quite hot Hollyoaks actress is partnered with Sylvian Unpronounceable. In rehearsals, she’s injured her ribs, which means the routine has to be rethought slightly.

Loved the risque green outfit Jennifer was wearing. If you didn’t notice it, you were probably ogling Sylvian instead. They’re skating to Madonna’s Crazy For You. Quite a good routine between the two – like last week’s initial performances, she’s not quite accomplished yet. There was was visible slip when she was dismounting from a lift, but other than that it was without incident.

Jason Gardiner gave her a fairly positive critique, but said she went into the lift too hard. Robin called it a very clean routine, while Emma praised her posture. All the judges are keen to see more chemistry between the skating partners.

Scores: Jason: 4, Robin: 4, Emma: 4 Total: 12

Dave Vitty

The man known as Comedy Dave on the Chris Moyles breakfast show is dancing to Men At Work’s You Can Dance If You Want To. Bizarre routine – his facial expressions are so stiff, and he’s slightly too gangly to be working with Frankie. The comments from Torville and Dean are very forgiving of his lack of ability. It was an awkward performance, but you could tell Dave was trying really hard.

Robin Cousins thought it was genius that he used his weaknesses. Jason said he thought it was a bit like watching a Thunderbird.

Scores: Jason: 3, Robin: 4, Emma: 4 Total: 11

Elen Rivas

Elen Rivas, who’s she? Well yet another nobody with no claim to fame who just happens to be attached to the same management as Peter Andre and Kerry Katona. After watching her rehearsal footage, I can’t work out if she’s really annoying or absolutely hilarious. 

Elen and her partner are dancing to the Sade classic Your Love Is King. Both are wearing hot pink glittery costumes. Another dull song selection, but the performance was graceful, certainly better than the VT had led us to believe! Elen managed some good lifts during the routine.

Robin tells her that the routine was a bit stiff and she was clearly thinking the moves as she did them. Emma told her she felt uncomfortable watching her. Jason asked her where the passion was, considering she’s Spanish!

Scores: Jason: 3, Robin: 4, Emma: 4 Total: 11

Dominic Cork

Token sportsman that a couch potato like me is never going to recognize, Dominc is a cricketer or something like that. He’s also a gangly bugger, which brings its own set of challenges to a show like Dancing On Ice.

He and his partner Alexandra are dancing to Elton John’s Are You Ready For Love. It’s a good smooth routine, like a lot of the others tonight, it lacks sparkle, but at least he didn’t fall over!

Jason called it stiff and rigid, but described glimpses of a showman. He advises him to work on his presentation. Emma Bunton wants him to be more confident and powerful in his routines. Robin gives him credit for not letting his height get in the way and also praises his “natural charisma”.

Scores: Jason: 3, Robin: 5, Emma: 3 Total: 11

Chloe Madeley

Daughter of telly legends Richard and Judy, Chloe is picking up a lot of resentment from the viewers for being not actually famous herself. Her video footage doesn’t help – she comes across as slightly bratty and even brings Richard to the rehearsal with her. Will she be a typical famous daughter, or will she impress us?

She’s preforming to Pixie Lott’s Mama Do – it’s a refreshingly fast routine, with some daring lifts thrown in for good measure. Chloe keeps a playful smile on her face throughout the routine, which is brilliant because we needed a charismatic fun performance tonight. Chloe Madeley could be one to watch this year folks!

Robin Cousins loved her performance and gave her postural advice, which shows he expects her to be around for quite a while. Jason Gardiner tells her she’s not awful, but that he’s worried she won’t be able to keep up learning new routines and this might impact her performance…

Scores: Jason: 4, Robin: 6, Emma: 6 Total: 16

Sam Attwater

Could Sam Attwater be the Chris Fountain of this year’s Dancing On Ice? He played the largely forgettable Leon in EastEnders a while bask, and he’s been paired with the sexy Brianne Delcourt. Sam also has the added advantage that he regularly skated as a child.

The pair pull of an fantastic, energetic routine to Flo Rida’s Club Can’t Handle Me. There’s great chemistry between the two and they do some amazingly complicated moves – it’s clear that these two could be among the front-runners. Christopher Dean says he’s reminded of a young Ray Quinn.

Emma Bunton compliments his rhythm and ability to involve the viewers. Jason is positively burbling about the couple, but warns that they don’t get too excited and “rush your music”. Robin Cousins praises them but tells them not to cheat the details. 

Scores: Jason: 6, Robin: 7, Emma: 8 Total: 21

Denise Welch

Older lady skating alert! After fellow Loose Woman Colleen Nolan made her appearance on Dancing On Ice last year, Denise Welch has decided to have a go as well. She’s dressed in 50’s pin-up US military gear, which makes me speculate that she’ll be dancing to Christina Aguilera’s Candyman.

Rumour has it though that Denise is actually quite good at skating – we see Torvile and Dean scoring her a B+. 

They’re dancing to Eliza Doolittle’s Pack Up, and it’s a pretty good performance – Denise manages all the expected lifts. It’s a shame that she followed Sam Attwater, because the routine wasn’t quite as spectacular at that, but compared to some of the other performances tonight, Denise was brilliant – she’s great fun to watch.

Jason told her that there were moments of promise in the performance…when it didn’t look like Matt was skating with his mum. Karen Barber defends Denise by saying that the routine had a lot of content…which it did. Unfortunately the show overruns and the other judges don’t get a chance to speak!

Scores: Jason: 3, Robin: 4, Emma: 3 Total: 10

So, quickly before the vote-off – who do you think will be sent home tonight? And who will you be voting to keep in?

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