Dancing On Ice: The Week 2 Shout Leaderboard

Good evening everybody – welcome to the first real night of Dancing On Ice – where the contestants are contestants and the judges’ scores count toward their survival. This post has tonight’s leaderboard for you – from the top-scoring partnerships to…um…Steven Arnold, who wasn’t popular due to a small incident where he failed to show up for rehearsals.

Other highlights tonight included a fantastic frog lift from Chloe Madeley, mad skating skillz from Sam Attwater, and Jason Gardiner having a nasty on-air row with Jeff Brazier. Can’t help thinking there’s bad blood there – they’ve both worked for ITV’s This Morning. Though I did snigger when Jason suggested he had a few missing chromosomes!

Here’s tonight’s leaderboard…

Sam Attwater & Brianne – No less than stunning performance from Sam and Brianne to OneRepublic’s Stop And Stare. They throw everything into this routine – including a daring tabletop lift. Sam’s one of the most accomplished skaters in the competition already and he’s miles ahead of the rest of the competition. Fast skating and a great partnership between Sam and Brianne as a couple. Score: 25

Laura Hamilton & Colin – Laura made a great impression on us two weeks ago, and tonight she delivered a very competent routine. The choice of Kylie’s All The Lovers wasn’t great, because it’s a mid-tempo track that doesn’t have much excitement. Though the judges gave her the highest score of the night (so far), I thought the routine lacked an amazing lift like Chloe Madeley’s frog lift. Score: 19.5

Jennifer Metcalfe & Sylvain – I’m not a fan of her scabby Hollyoaks family, but Jennifer Metcalfe looked really sexy tonight on Dancing On Ice. She bravely started the routine by herself to Katy Perry’s California Gurls, and pulled off some complicated lifts – like the surfboard move. Good routine – I don’t remember Jennifer being this confident last week. Score: 19.5

Chloe Madeley & Michael – Fresh from a surprisingly good start last week, Chloe and Michael dance to Miley Cyrus’ The Climb. The highlight of the routine is a fantastic frog lift just at the end. Could it be that Chloe Madeley has gone from nonentity to front-runner in just two weeks? Score: 19

Vanilla Ice & Katie – You’ve gotta hand it to Mr. Ice, for someone who’s essentially a 90’s one-hit wonder, the man has great dance skills and a high level of showmanship. Decked out in heavily sequinned top-hat and tails, Vanilla and Katie delivered a really entertaining routine as they skated to Minnie The Moocher. Score: 16

Kerry Katona & Daniel – Skating to Aretha Franklin’s Respect, Katona did reasonably well, but as Jason said, she’s quite awkward getting into lifts. She isn’t skating particularly well in between and needs to work on blending the performances better. I still don’t like her though. Score: 14

Johnson Beharry & Jodeyne – A cheesy track for Johnson tonight, I’m Into Something Good. The routine isn’t particularly accomplished, but it is entertaining and quite sweet to watch. Johnson’s hampered with a broken finger this week, which may affect his chances as the competition progresses – the routines may remain simple out of necessity while the other skaters will be improving. Score: 13

Dominic Cork & Alexandra – Dominic’s biggest challenge is his height, and you can see that tonight in the routine where he comes across as slightly stiff and a little wobbly around the feet. He does a solid job supporting Alexandra, who does the more showy part of the routine. Jason Gardiner compares him to the Tin Man. Score: 11.5

Jeff Brazier & Isabelle – Jeff and Isabelle’s routine is to the Jackson 5’s I Want You Back, and though we love Jeff, we didn’t have high expectations. But he pulls off an impressive roll-up lift. Unfortunately, he fluffs his moves at one point and the routine doesn’t quite recover – they seem to end slightly after the music’s stopped. Score: 11

Dave Vitty & Frankie – Not a bad routine from Comedy Dave, whose greatest challenge on this show isn’t his skating, but the weird look that’s fixed on his face throughout the routine. He and Frankie skate to The Way You Look Tonight, but there are too many wobbles for this routine to score highly this week. The judges were less than impressed. Score: 9.5

Denise Welch & Matt – Surely a contender for most awful costume of the night, Denise has to dance in a gold lame suit. Thing is, she looks pretty hot in it! Good track choice with ABBA’s Gimme Gimme Gimme. It’s not the most together routine though – the highlights show them slightly out of time with each other – but Denise’s strength is that she’s always entertaining. Score: 9

Steven Arnold & Nina – Oh dear! This routine was more like Dad Dancing On Ice as absentee Arnold gave a very cheesy dance to The Rhythm Of The Night. Pretty terrible. He gets the lowest score of the night (so far), and I can’t help if some of those low scores are payback for failing to show up at rehearsals. Steven’s definitely the Todd Carty of this year. Score: 7

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