Dancing with the Stars – 200th Episode!

So, tonight is the 200th episode.  This is bound to be loaded with unnecessary footage and fun dances.  Let it begin!

We start off watching pros from all seasons dance to the first song ever danced to on the show.  I could watch them all day long – the pros make it look so easy.

Next we hear about the team dances.  There are two teams, one led by Kristi Yamaguchi and the other led by Apolo Ohno.  Team Kristi consists of Rick and Cheryl, Bristol and Mark, and Kyle and Lacey.  Leaving Jennifer and Derek, Kurt and Anna, and Brandy and Maks on Team Apolo.

Before we get to see the first team dance, we watch footage of the training.  Here we go, team Kristi dancing the ChaChaCha.  Cheryl of course is dressed the trampiest.  Their solo looks good, but easy.  Bristol actually allows herself to look sexy, but again, hers looks pretty easy as far as steps go.  Kyle always makes me smile.  By far the best solo.  Definitely a fun upbeat dance.  Kristi is proud.  Len liked it.  Bruno had nothin but good stuff, other than picking up on Bristol’s mistake.  CarrieAnn loved the choreography.  8,8,8.  Not too shabby.  Brooke: “what did you think about that Kristi”?  Really?  Like she’s going to say she hated it.

Up next, team Apolo.  They are using Apolo’s freestyle as motivation.  Oh Kurt, I love you.  A couple great moves, a couple not so great.  Brandy is bringin it tonight. She’s got the look of determination. Jennifer’s is, not surprisingly, the best…oh, maybe a misstep at the end. Not too shabby.  The girls really got their hips movin.  I think they may have done a hair better.  Bruno used a lot of alliteration to say he liked it.  CarrieAnn thought they all brought it.  Len thought they all upped their game.  9,9,9.

Each couple is going to recreate an “iconic” dance from a past season, which will then be judged by the star who performed it. 

The first dance is Mel B’s Paso Doble which will be taken on by Kyle and Lacey.  Kyle needs to find his aggressive side…so he drew a situation on his stomach.  He definitely looks sharp tonight.  He looks like the leader in the dance, for the first time.  It was pretty sweet.  Len thinks it was his best dance.  Mel thinks it was amazing. The others agree.10,9,8,8.  Apparently the ladies were more impressed.

Cute, Kurt Warner gets an Emmitt Smith Tango.  Though I still have issue with the fact that Emmitt won that year. Either Joey or Mario would have been better.  Anywho.  I think he’s pretty good.  As always, he has the character down.  I think he’s got the steps too.  I just find him so darn cute! Emmitt thinks Kurt played the role well.  All the judges had great things to say, even Len.  10, 8, 8, 8.  I feel a patterns of 10’s from the celebs coming…

Kelly Osbourne’s Viennese Waltz is up next…and man, does she look different than when she was on the show!   Bristol is taking it on, this could be a good dance for her, nice and slow.  She needs to stay in character and look like she’s enjoying it.  The moves look good, she looks fake every now and again with her face.  CarrieAnn agrees with me.  Kelly Osbourne is her biggest cheerleader.  They still want more out of her. 9,8,8,8.  Not too shabby.  Bristol is totally a politician’s kid…she has the same plastered face all the time.

Helio Castroneves is going to be judging Rick’s attempt at the quickstep.  His girlfriend comes in to try to get Rick to have fun.  Rick changes it up by wearing green, so he’s a watermelon instead of a banana.  At least they’re stickin with food.  He’s definitely having fun with this, though I do think his face is out of control a little at some places.  Apparently Len enjoyed it…he must not have seen the faces.  Or, apparently they did and liked them.  I must just not like him…I don’t know. 10, 9,9,9.

Gilles Marini is going to judge a fox trot done by Brandy and Maks.  Apparently Brandy has low self-esteem, so she thinks this could help her.  She seems to be getting more and more comfortable as time goes on.  She could give Jennifer a run for her money.  She looks real good.  She was HOTT. I have no idea what Bruno said…Gilles loved it, CarrieAnn liked it, but saw a mistake…Len yelled at her for focusing on a little mistake when it was an amazing dance. 9,9,10,9.

Drew Lachey will judge a Tango done by Jennifer and Derek. I loved this tango too.  I hope Jennifer gets back on top.  She has the character down..she looks good doing it, i fell like it may have been made slower to help with her fatigue and soreness.  I liked it though.  I don’t know that it was as good as Brandy’s, but I liked it.  The judges praise her for sticking with and kicking ass.  10,9,9,9.  I can’t believe that rick tied with brandy and jennifer.

Brandy and Maks and Jennifer and Derek are on the top with Bristol on the bottom.  Turn in tomorrow for Taylor Smith and Rod Stewart.  OH, and to find out who goes home.




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